Sergio Ramos For Hugo Boss Launch

25 Apr

tumblr_n4lgngvhoU1qftb6ko1_500A lot of you have been waiting for this day! It was the launch of Sergio’s campaign for Hugo Boss.

Before I dump a ton of pictures from the launch on you, he also gave a couple of interviews. In this one, he let it be known that he’s going to be a good papi. Baby Ramos is due next month, so soon we’ll get to see his hands on parenting skills. I’m placing bets on a Louis Vuitton diaper bag. How about you?


Ramos: “We’ll go to Munich and play the match of our lives”
by Edu Bueno

“We know what awaits us there but Real Madrid is not afraid of any team”, stated the Whites player.

Sergio Ramos attending a publicity event and while there he spoke about Real Madrid’s current situation and the challenges they now face: “We know what awaits us in Munich but Real Madrid is not afraid of any team. We’ll go there and play the match of our lives and give our all to reach the final”.

“We’re very happy with our work in the first leg. It was a match against a big rival, the defending champions, who play great football. We ended up feeling we could have scored another goal to go there with a bigger lead. The progress we made was very good and now we’re going to play for a place in the final. They’ll make it difficult for us because we know which team we are facing”.

Winning the cup, a morale boost
“It has been a satisfying week for Madrid fans. We’re delighted to still be in both competitions and we have the satisfaction of already having won one. It’s always a privilege to reach this point of the season with one title already in the bag. This year you can celebrate in advance and that’s very good for morale and good for facing the challenges in front of us”.

“In order to win the Champions League you have to beat the favourites and that’s what Bayern are. We’re ready.”

“The competition and the team we were faced with required it. Our intention at the start was to take the initiative and hurt them with pressure up front. We struggled in the first half but the defence did a great job later. It is an approach and a team game and the other day it was a very dangerous game in which we really had to focus. That was the key to success and to the result”.

Respect for Guardiola
“For him to say we’re athletes is a complement. I’ve always spoken very highly of him. He’s a spectacular coach, a sage of football and he puts himself in the players’ shoes because he was also a player. Complements are always welcome. If Madrid has one thing it’s that it is amazing on the counter, something unique that requires players like Benzema, Cristiano and Bale who are very physically strong”.

Ready for the second leg
“I am on a yellow and that is at the front of your mind. If things go how we want I’d like to be able to play in the final. But I’m not going to play with less intensity and I’ll try to give my all. We have to think about getting through and not about the final because we’re still not there”.

Ideal system
“A good system is one that gives you results. The person responsible for evaluating that is the gaffer. We have maximum respect for him and he makes the decisions. We are players and we’re here to play our best”.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his recovery
“I don’t know if he’ll be frustrated. When you’re not physically one hundred per cent you can get frustrated with yourself. Because of his ambition and his character, he always wants to be fit and to help the team. We are one big family and we are all pulling in the same direction with one goal”.

Finally, he had some words of support for Tito Vilanova: “I’d like to take the opportunity to send him my best and my support to him and his family. It does not matter what team he’s from, we wish him well and hope he recovers soon”.

(NOTE: Again, this interview was conducted while Tito was still hospitalized. Sergio tweeted his condolences when Tito’s passing was announced)

(Photos via GF Sports and SR4OldPics)

– Lozil

One Response to “Sergio Ramos For Hugo Boss Launch”

  1. jellyace April 27, 2014 at 5:16 am #

    He cleans up well and this is a great start to his Xabi-ness.

    I’m envisioning bedazzled Frankendiapers for his bebe!

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