Pre-Osasuna Concentracion, Starting XI And Jese & Sese’s Night Out

26 Apr

5Man, looking at the pictures today, it was hard to tell whether it was concentracion or the Herp Derp Olympics. Some truly unfortunate pictures. Some people like Pepe & Sergio came out fine, but Isco & Karim looking like a blowfish? Argh. Xabi looked like he tied one on last night. Oof. Way to make the world’s hottest team look unattractive today, RM Photogs!

The starting line up has also been announced:

STARTING XI: Diego López, Varane, Ramos, Ronaldo, Marcelo, Nacho, Modrić, Morata, Di María, Isco, Illarra.

BENCH: Casillas, Pepe, Coentrão, Benzema, Alonso, Carvajal, Casemiro.

Jese is back in Madrid and went to the RM Baloncesto game with Sergio Ramos. He wore little white tights and at first quick look I said “Damn, he’s as pale as Iker!” and then I realized, yeah, tights. Sergio’s brother Rene was also there.


Hala Madrid! Animo Jese!

– Lozil

2 Responses to “Pre-Osasuna Concentracion, Starting XI And Jese & Sese’s Night Out”

  1. jellyace April 27, 2014 at 12:08 am #

    Awwww! Jese + Sese = Jesesese?

  2. Dr. Heidi April 28, 2014 at 10:34 am #

    I feel a new bromance in the air….

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