Training at Allianz Arena & Pressers

28 Apr
I'm dying from the cuteness of this. Iker looks like he's chaperoning.

I’m dying from the cuteness of this picture. Iker looks like he’s chaperoning a date.

Iker: “No funny stuff, boys! Just because we’re away in Germany, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be perfect gentlemen.”  Muppet Baby Chorus: “Yes, grandpa!”  XD

The team trained today at the Allianz Arena. I’m so stressed about tomorrow. I’m trying to pretend that it’s just another game, but as we know, it’s not. Oh it is so not. However, the guys looked relaxed and happy. I think that’s a good way to approach it.


Wow, Cris is chasing Gareth for a change! That’s something new.

I love how Dorkiano and Handsome!Cristiano both showed up today. I love him when he’s goofy.

Karim was also doing his Cristiano impression. If hiking up your shorts makes you a goal monster like CR7, please by all means, HAVE AT IT. ALL Y’ALL HIKE YOUR FREAKING SHORTS UP TO YOUR NOSES. WEDGIES ALL AROUND, I DON’T CARE!

tumblr_n4r5zywiBF1qftb6ko1_500Also? Nice thighs, Benz. Who needs furniture when you’re rocking those?

Real Madrid kindly provided the entire presser in an overview with English translation for Carlo when needed & Gareth speaking in his native language.


Ancelotti: “The most important thing is our desire to reach the final
by Alberto Navarro (Munich)

“We’re playing a great team and we have a small advantage from the first leg, but we have to enjoy it”, added the Whites’ coach in the Allianz Arena press room.

Carlo Ancelotti appeared before the press a little over 24 hours before the second leg of the Champions League semi-final. The Italian coach discussed the match against Bayern Munich: “I don’t think I’ll change much tactically tomorrow compared to the first-leg game. Tactics are not the most important aspect, the mental side is and the desire we have to reach the final. In the first leg we were very cagey at first and starting like that would be very dangerous. The most important thing is that we have to work together in this type of game. The strikers defend and the defenders attack”.

“I see a football match with two teams with different philosophies because of the characteristics of their players. With strikers like Bale, Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo it is tricky to play with possession because they need spaces. That’s why football is so attractive. Everyone has their idea and I personally believe football with quick turnovers is better”.

Thinking they have reached the final
“I don’t think anyone is so superficial as to think that we have already won. Tomorrow’s game is very tough. We’re playing a great team and we have a small advantage from the first leg, but we have to enjoy it. We’re not stupid enough to think we’ve already won”.

“We’re focusing on winning the match and what’s happening elsewhere is unimportant. Rummenigge said that trees will burn and it’s raining. Everything can change very quickly”.

The fans who make the trip from Madrid
“We need as many people as possible and bags of energy. A large part of the victory against Barcelona in the cup was thanks to the atmosphere. The number of fans is not as important as their quality. We do not have the advantage playing here. That is clear. Bayern also have fans who really love their team”.

A team of athletes
“I don’t think they were disrespectful words because we have top-class athletes and footballers with a high level of fitness. That much is evident. In most matches we try to be attacking. We need quick turnovers to give the strikers a chance to make the most of their technical and physical strengths”.

“Our intention is to play the match to score because that is our strength”

“We have scored a lot of goals in the Champions League and La Liga and that is our intention tomorrow. Catenaccio is not a bad word for Italians because it is something that brought us a lot of success. Every game is different. The match with Dortmund was a one-off and we have to play our best and try everything”.

Di María’s versatility
“He’s having a fantastic season adapting to a new position. He’s a very important player because I can use him in different positions on the pitch and we’re very happy with his work”.

Bale’s season
“The good news is that the whole squad is mentally and physically fit. I have to choose eleven but as it’s not the most important thing so I won’t reveal it. It’s not a new question. I’m very happy with Bale’s season. We’re convinced he will keep getting better”.

Ramos and Alonso are on warnings
“They’re very professional. That’s football. We all need to work hard to reach the final”.

Alaba’s strengths
“He is tactically, technically and physically very good and he’s a complete player. After Marcelo and Coentrão he’s one of the best left-backs around”.

Offers from other clubs
“Speaking about that now is not good. I don’t need contact with clubs because I intend to stay at Real Madrid for a long time. Real Madrid is my club and I’m happy here”.


Bale: “It’s going to be a great battle and really tough”
by Alberto Navarro (Munich)

“We’re excited, we have no doubts about what we can do and against Bayern we have to take that confidence to the pitch”, stated the Whites player.

Just before Carlo Ancelotti’s appearance, Gareth Bale spoke to the press in the Allianz Arena, where Real Madrid will square off against Bayern Munich on Tuesday. The Whites’ midfielder spoke about the second leg of the Champions League semi-finals: “It’s going to be a tricky match against Bayern. I don’t feel like we’re through. It’ll be a great battle, a tough and complicated match. The result will be tight with little difference between the teams. We hope to do our job well, but it will be a fantastic match and we’re 100% ready to give our all”.

“We’re excited, we have no doubts about what we can do and against Bayern we have to take that confidence to the pitch. We’re going to try and play good football. We’re not a team that sits back. We know it’ll be difficult but we are hopeful. Between us we’re going to give it a good go tomorrow”.

His recovery
“I feel fine. After a couple of training sessions I’ve recovered and I hope to be able to play tomorrow. We’re happy with the situation we’re in. We have to focus on the matches we have left and try and beat them. When you get to the club you realise what the expectations are. We want to win everything we play in and we’re going to try and win the Champions League”.

“We’re going to give our all to reach the final.”

“I prefer attacking, but Bayern are very good and tomorrow we have to be able to defend. We all want to play these big matches and we want to pick up titles”.

Cristiano Ronaldo as a teammate
“He’s sensational. He is the reason I came. I want to be with the best. We have a laugh, we talk a lot and we get on well on the pitch”.

His battle with Alaba
“He’s a fantastic player and he’s showed it many times. It will be a tough battle tomorrow”.

The most important goal in his career
“The one I scored in the cup was a really amazing goal. I remember some situations. We all gave our all and in the end we took the title. I’m happy to share those moments with the team”.

I admire Gareth for not breaking down in floods of tears and shouting “I LOVE HIM! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! HERE ARE THE 64 SONGS I’VE WRITTEN ABOUT CRISTIANO RONALDO AND HIS PERFECTION!” when asked about his relationship with Cris. That required some restraint on his part, for sure.

Argh. I’m almost glad I have a heavy work schedule up until match time tomorrow. That will hopefully help me keep my mind off things.


– Lozil

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