2 May
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AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!….Ok, I’ll stop. But I can’t guarantee it’ll be for long 😉



Battle of the fros?


Nope. Marcelo is a lover not a fighter.


Marcus Slaughter of Real Madrid’s basketball team was one of the many Madridistas who made the trek to Germany to take in some nail-biting, semifinal action.

In a week with two football losses, a moment of silence was held for Tito Vilanova and Vujadin Boskov, Real Madrid manager between 1979-1982.


Ooh the nerves leading up to the match and how they intensified once the whistle blew! I thought for sure Bayern would strike first, but boy was I wrong. Pony got something started against Osasuna, on the hunt for goals and it carried over to the Champions League! Sese struck first and made it even easier to believe that we COULD. DO. THIS.

There was a major scare in the 18th minute, when Dante took Cristiano down HARD. Cris couldn’t hide how much pain he was in and for a moment, I thought we were going to lose him, but Superman is a pro! Thankfully, Cris continued on.

AHHHHHHHHH!!!! He did it again! Two goals, four minutes apart. SESE was ON! This goal put us up to 3-0 on aggregate and I actually thought I was going to break down and cry. Ugh, this team.

Why stop at two goals, right? It was Cristiano’s turn to make shit happen! I don’t know which part of the goal I enjoyed more, Cris’ celebration or Neuer throwing a fit after the goal 😀

While we were riding the highs of those three awesome goals, the most unfortunate happened. Both Sergio & Xabi were playing on yellow cards, with one more they’d be out of the final…and that’s what happened for Xabi. It was a stupid challenge and he knew what he’d done as soon as he did it, hence the stalling before he stood up to receive his card. Damn it, we’ll really miss him in the final.

Asshole moment of match – Ribery slapping Carvajal. So frustrated he even gave his own teammate some….

Knowing that we could lose Sergio for the final as well, Ancelotti subbed him out in the 75th minute, putting Varane in his place. PONY SECURED FOR THE FINAL!

Five minutes later, Isco came on for Benz.


The final change was made in the 84th minute, with Casemiro coming on for Di Maria. With only six minute left of the match, the celebrating could start. Look at that sweet hug! :’)

The 90 minute finisher! The cherry on top! Cristiano got his brace with a free-kick goal, a slick power shot right under the wall! Not only did his goal put us up 5-0 on aggregate, but with it he became the first player to score 16 goals in one edition of the CL.

With the win, Ancelotti broke a record of his own. With the final in Lisbon being his 4th CL final, he equals Miguel Munoz, Lippi, & Ferguson as the coaches with the most CL finals. ….Now let me resume my AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH’s!!!!!!!



Before taking off for Madrid, the boys showed their appreciation for the fans by stopping to sign autographs and take pics.

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Post Match Comments

From Realmadrid.com


Carlo Ancelotti was very happy to have reached the final of the Champions League. After the 0-4 in Munich, the coach stated: “I’m not surprised. These players were capable of it. It’s of great satisfaction to us. It was a perfect match, above all the first half, when we defended very well and further up the pitch than in the first leg. We were very effective on the counter too and made the most of the pace of our strikers. We practised set-pieces and they worked really well for the first two goals”.

“Real Madrid came out on top of this match. I am lucky to coach the most important club in the world and I have to do everything I can to get the best results. Bale and Cristiano put everything into it and they did great. They provided the quality and the result was a perfect match. I would like to thank the players and everyone. After a 12-year absence Madrid is back in a Champions League final and that’s good for everyone”.

The importance of the first leg
“It is a victory and nothing more. We beat a strong team, the defending champion of the Champions League. We did very well and we deserved to win. We were concerned about the tie, but the key was the first leg. It was not a big win, but it gave us confidence for the second leg”.

“We did not give Bayern any chances to dictate the tempo of the game. I was very happy with the work rate of the strikers. I am lucky to train some top-quality players who also work very hard”.

“It’s the way I work. The club’s desire to reach the final after playing in three semi-finals was huge. And also having the chance of winning the Décima was an extra motivation. Florentino Pérez was very happy and congratulated everyone. When he is happy he does not need to speak. Being in the final is the first objective, which is not easy. We’ve had a fantastic Champions League and we’ll see what happens”.

A final in Lisbon awaits Real Madrid
“Football has given me so much and I have the desire and energy to work to take this club, its fans and its players to the top. The objective was very big and I’m proud to have achieved it. When I arrived in Madrid I realised the importance of this competition and I could feel the dream of winning the Décima in the air. That is why we reached the final. We hope to have the same attitude in the final”.

“Balance is the key to football. In the first half of the season we scored a lot of goals, but we let in a lot. We have achieved it through hard work and if you do it with quality players it’s much easier to win. 4-4-2 is just for defending. When we have the ball we play differently. We managed to cut out our opponents’ play between the lines with the 4-4-2”.

The opponent in the final
“I don’t know what’s going to happen in the other semi-final. Chelsea has a lot of experience and we are a very strong team. It doesn’t matter who the opponent is because we are going to meet a great rival either way. The Xabi thing was bad luck, we are sorry for him, he’s a little down. The important thing is that we’re going to play in the final and we need to win for him too”.

San Iker:

The Real Madrid captain spoke to the assembled media after the exhibition laid on by his side at the Allianz Arena: “Very happy. The first half went our way and emotions went from high to low. We deserved it for the way the side worked. Now to relive the sensations and hopefully in Lisbon I’ll get back the feeling of what it is to win a European Cup”.

“When I got my first win I never thought I’d get to this stage and I’m pleased and happy for the fans. It would be wrong for us to think that we are now the favourites. We have to enjoy today, and then think about the league, put pressure on Atlético and try to win the title. The side were great”.

“We have showed an enormous capacity of concentration and it is just when we have managed to get through to the final. Bayern are the reigning champions of Europe. We have come after three years falling at the final hurdle but we got there at the fourth attempt”.


Real Madrid are into the Champions League final after beating Bayern. Sergio Ramos, who scored the side’s first two goals, showed his happiness at the end of the match: “The goals aren’t important, the personal side of things is gratifying but the most important thing is the collective job. We came to give our all and that’s what we did. It was a deserved result and deserved for Real Madrid against the reigning champions of Europe, and this is where Real Madrid has to be, on a world level. This victory has the seal of Real Madrid”.

“It was a tough game, with a lot of physicality, like at home, but maybe this was with more identity. I was fortunate enough to be able to contribute with two of the side’s goals, and it’s a dream to do so in a competition such as this one. Football is like that. I think that the Champions League owed me one against Bayern, given the penalty, and the incident with Kahn when I had a goal disallowed”.

His first Champions League final
“It is a dream because I’ve never had the chance to play one. I was waiting for it and now the dream can come true by winning it. I want to thank the Madrid fans who have been with us all the way and have come to Munich and all those at home enjoying this too”.


Cristiano Ronaldo and Pepe spoke after Madrid’s rout of Bayern that sealed their passage to the Champions League final. The striker stated that “it was a perfect match. Scoring three goals in the first half was extraordinary. The team did very well and played with confidence. We knew it was difficult but it got easier because we scored two early goals”.

“We showed a very good attitude and we deserved to reach the final. I’d like to thank all the players for their effort and now is time to enjoy the moment and play the final to win. We have been losing in the semis for a long time, three or four years, but the most important thing is that now we are in a deserved final and we have our feet on the ground. Since the Champions League started we have taken it step by step and match by match”.

His goal-scoring record
“I was looking for it and I knew I needed one goal but I was not going to be mad if it didn’t happen. It was a great ball from Bale. The whole team helped me. I’m really happy to break the Champions League record but what I want is to win it and we’re very excited. A final is always complicated. I don’t care if it’s Mourinho or another coach. It will be in my country and I want to win the Champions League”.

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“Ancelotti always told us we were going to win here. We had the confidence to record a victory here and in our quality and hard work. Having kept a clean sheet against Bayern is due to the hard work of the whole team. Not just one player”.

Ramos’ goals
“I’m very happy for him and we worked well together. He managed to score two goals and help the team to victory. We did a great job to reach the final and our opponent there is irrelevant. We have to think about ourselves to win the title”.

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 Di Maria:

“We are very happy having got to the final. It was what we wanted and what we have fought for. The goals that we might have scored in the Bernabéu we scored here today. Also, we kept a clean sheet and we go away very happy. We had respect for them as they were the reigning champions, but we weren’t scared. We knew we have quality and http we could win”.

“The way this side has worked and have fought all year to get here is incredible. We are very happy because we continue on our journey and alsl for those who accompany us. We always get support and this win is for our family”.

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“It was an important day for the team and for the club. We have lost for three years, we were focused and we wanted to have a match to remember. The job is not yet done, now we want to win it”.

“Beating this Bayern in both matches deserves a lot of credit with the way they’ve been playing this season. We were able to control the game perfectly, we didn’t give away any chances and it was a perfect match. We came here with the intention of putting in a great performance and reaching the final”.

The yellow card
“It’s a shame not being able to play in it but I hope my teammates will win it and with time I’ll forget it. More than being an unfair card, I think it’s an unfair rule. The road to the final is very complicated. Let’s hope we do well and we can win it because the fans really want to play in a Champions League final”.

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“We were very confident and it was a great win. We knew it was a difficult tie. We had a great game, without losing our concentration for the 90 minutes. We are happy with what we are doing. We are in the final and we will fight to win it”.




3 Responses to “AHHHHHHHHHH!”

  1. Christine May 2, 2014 at 4:38 pm #

    I’ve got smiles for miles!!!

  2. TatianaD May 3, 2014 at 5:30 am #

    What a happy day that was 🙂

  3. jellyace May 4, 2014 at 11:30 am #

    Wheeeee! Pep pep hooray!

    I am so glad that Ancelotti brings a calmness to the team. Having no more drama is such a welcome relief, and helps keep the boys focused. (On the other side of the drama stage, Rui Faria just got a 6 match ban). A por la decima!!!!

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