The Boys Get Sensitive

14 May

Well, for Nivea. Here’s the teaser with Marcelo, Carvajal, Isco & Lady Edith followed by a 20 second clip which features G-Money.

Oh lordy, is that dorky. But fun! The boys took part in the Nivea for Men Sensitive campaign launch today.


tumblr_n5khj4eiwo1qftb6ko2_500And they gave their opinions on the upcoming Champions League final.

Modric: “We are just thinking about beating Atlético”
by Alberto Navarro

“The Tenth is a dream for all of us”, said Bale.

Bale, Modric, Isco, Carvajal and Marcelo were the protagonists of a Nivea Men Sensitive product launch, which took place in the press room at the Alfredo Di Stéfano stadium. They all spoke about the Champions League final, which Real Madrid will dispute on the 24th of this month in Lisbon. “We are just thinking about beating Atlético. We are focused on the game, and then we’ll see how we celebrate it”, said Modric.

Bale: “It will be a tough final”
“The Tenth is a dream not only for our fans, but also the club. It’s a dream for all of us, but it will be a difficult game”.

Isco: “We’ll do everything possible to win the Champions League”
“We all now that the Champions Leagus is the most important competition in the world. For that reason it is an honour to play in the final and we will do everything we can to win it”.

Marcelo: “We are focused on winning the final”
“There is a lot of pressure and a lot of responsibility attached with playing in a European Cup final, but we are remaining calm and focused in order to enjoy ourselves and try to win the Tenth title”.

Carvajal: “I’ll do everything I can in order to make it into the definitive list of players for the World Cup”
“Now I’m trying to make the most of the moment. I’m delighted to be part of the provisional list for the World Cup and will do everything I can to make it into the definitive list, but the most important thing right now is the Champions League final”.

Yes, gentlemen, please do focus all your attention on the Champions League final. Well, except you, Dani – we’ll give you a day or two to squee over being on the provisional squad list for the World Cup because that’s awesome, but then right back to thinking about La Decima!

(Additional pictures of sensitive men talking about skincare & football via GFSports)

– Lozil

2 Responses to “The Boys Get Sensitive”

  1. mygypsyspirit May 14, 2014 at 5:05 pm #

    I can’t stop giggling over Luka and Isco! Isco’s face is SO funny!

    • jellyace May 14, 2014 at 9:39 pm #

      Part of Isco Cutie Pie’s allure is his gawky dorkiness…aside from the odd body proportions.

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