Thursday At Valdebebas, Crispy Is In It To Win It & More

15 May
Truffles & Crispy. Why is my stomach suddenly growing?

Truffles & Crispy. Why am I suddenly hungry?

Everyone was back in action for the Thursday training session and the Mister put them through their paces.

Karim Benzema would like you to know that he’s training hard….for the 2014 “Step Away From The Instagram” Tishie.

10369506_1394655427488267_426039290_nI just can’t help but shake my head at this child. Less duckfacin’ & deuce chunkin’ and more scorin’, capice?

No stranger to scoring, Crispy was interviewed for UEFA magazine.


Cristiano Ronaldo: “I’ve always dreamed of winning the Champions League with Real Madrid”

“We’re very close to achieving something special in the history of the club”, stated the striker.

Cristiano Ronaldo spoke of his desire to win the Champions League with the Whites in an official UEFA interview. “I’m very happy to form part of Real Madrid’s history. I’m going to try and win as much as possible with this team and I’ve always dreamed of winning the Champions League with Real Madrid”, explained the Portuguese before the final against Atlético.

It will be your first Champions League final with Real Madrid and you’ll be playing Atlético in Lisbon. How are you feeling about it?
It is going to be a very special match, and in my own country too. I’m very happy and excited. We know it’s going to be a very tricky match because Atlético are having a great year, they’re a very good team with a great coach. But we’re going to try and win and play our best. The team is doing well and feeling confident.

Do you remember when you were a boy and you used to watch other teams lift the trophy?
As a kid I remember watching the big finals and seeing the players lift the Champions League trophy. It’s a moment that all Madrid fans dream of, the Décima. We’re all really excited, so we have to win.

How have you changed since winning the Champions League with Manchester United?
I’ve changed for the better, or course. I won the Champions league with Manchester United and now this is my fifth season with Real Madrid. I’ve always dreamed of winning this competition with this club.

It has been twelve years since Real Madrid last won the Champions League, what would winning the Décima mean for the club and for you?
It is a trophy we have spent years trying to win. As a result, from the very first day we arrive at the club we feel a positive kind of pressure geared towards winning the Champions League. This year it feels like we are just one small step away from doing it. Pressure is a part of football and of playing for Real Madrid. We are used to having to win all the time, but it is fine. I like the pressure because it makes me a better player. It is a special kind of adrenalin we feel.

In order to make that final step you will have to beat Atlético Madrid, a team you know well. How can you win against Atlético?
We have to play the same way we have in previous games. We’ve been successful doing that and have beaten huge teams. This will be a difficult challenge. Atlético Madrid is a very compact side and is very strong mentally. It is always difficult to predict who the winner will be in a final. It is a very different kind of match and I think it will be decided on the smallest of details.

How would you evaluate this season in the Champions League?
I think in terms of teamwork Real Madrid has shown itself to be an excellent side and one that deserves to win the trophy. On a personal level, it has gone well for me. I am the top goalscorer in the competition and I’m very happy about that. That wasn’t my aim at the start of the Champions League season, but things have gone well for me. My teammates have helped me a lot, and I’ll be trying to score again in the final.

This year you surpassed Di Stéfano’s scoring record in the European Cup, does that also have special meaning?
I think I am now part of the club’s history, not only for my goals. Obviously beating Di Stéfano’s record is a huge honour. I admire him a lot as a person. I never had the chance to see him play, but I have seen a few videos. Thanks to God, things have gone well for me and I am happy to be part of Real Madrid’s history. I am going to try and win as much as possible with this team, because this is my favourite club.

Oh dear. I can see that last sentence causing much consternation among Manchester United fans. What he means is that we’re his favorite club now. Crissy wouldn’t do you like that. I do, however, approve of his wish to win us La Decima. Have at it, hot stuff!

So there was some dramz yesterday. Mister Xabier Alonso Olano was PISSED. Marca said he owes back taxes. He posted a statement from his lawyer online saying in no uncertain terms that he certainly does not and reserves the right to sue Marca. So, yeah. Xabi is not happy.

Marca also had a headline with a quote from Luis Suarez: When I read that Real want to sign me, I turn the pageThat’s right, bish – keep turning the page and move on from that idea, please. And let’s hope everyone else does as well.

– Lozil



3 Responses to “Thursday At Valdebebas, Crispy Is In It To Win It & More”

  1. mygypsyspirit May 15, 2014 at 11:36 pm #

    Yeah… You don’t want to mess with Xabi and his lawyer. His lawyer is GOOOOOD. Marca is such shit. They’re not a sport magazine, they’re a sport tabloid. It’s awful. As isn’t much better, but fuck Marca is bad.

    As for Suarez… Keep steppin’

  2. Anonymous May 17, 2014 at 6:17 pm #

    Suares’ statement just seems like a desperate attempt to have barca look his way and it’s as suttle as his desperate bite. Over here we would advice him to go sit on a roof!( our version of get to steppin)

    • headbandsandheartbreak May 18, 2014 at 2:45 pm #

      Ooooh, now I want to know what country you live in – I’ve not heard “Go sit on a roof” before and I love it! 🙂

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