The Fabulous 5

23 May

12Ah, all the feels these pictures bring up! Five of our greatest players, Di Stéfano, Raúl, Gento, Hierro and Amancio, banded together to wish the boys good luck tomorrow. I see Amancio was a fashion inspiration for The Ramos. Those red trousers are straight up Sergio.


Don Alfredo & his 5 Cups


“We are behind you in the bid for the Tenth”

Alfredo Di Stéfano, Raúl, Gento, Hierro and Amancio, five Real Madrid legends, met up hours ahead of the Champions League final in order to give the team their support.

With just a matter of hours to go until the final, and Realmadrid TV met up with five legends from the club’s history. They are living proof of the club’s nine European Cups. Di Stéfano (who won 5), Gento (6) and Amancio (1) represent the first six title wins; while Hierro and Raúl (3) were involved in the last three. Their words of wisdom are treasured: they are legends within the world of football and know what it takes to win a European Cup.

Because of that, their experience is highly valued. And all five of them have messages for Ancelotti’s players: “You have had an excellent season and deserve to win the Champions League. The fans will be hugely important and will be fully behind you. We are with you. With the support of everyone you will win the Tenth”.

3Raúl: “Hopefully all the Real Madrid fans will get to celebrate a Cup win”
“Overall it has been a very good season. The hunger and desire the team has shown in the Champions League is a clear indication that they want to win it. Above all else they showed it in a very tough place to play, in Germany, against Bayern Munich. If the team comes close to the performance of that day then there is a very good chance of the Cup coming back with the White of Madrid”.

“Those who have travelled to Lisbon to be part of this unique atmosphere are lucky, and those who have stayed in Madrid and in other parts of the world, because there are Real Madrid fans everywhere, will all be behind the team kicking every ball. They should motivate and believe in the players because they won’t let them down and will give it their all so that hopefully Real Madrid will be able to celebrate another European Cup win in a matter of hours”.

8Hierro: “There is no greater motivation for a player”
“How the team approaches this game from a psychological standpoint is important. Real Madrid has to approach it the right way. The amount of motivation and enthusiasm needs to be equal or greater to that of Atlético’s. They are experienced players who understand how important this match is”.

“Our feelings ahead of this are as positive as they could be, this match is the perfect way to end the year. This is the Champions League final, the stage the club has wanted to be on for years, the number one priority. Hopefully we can close the year well and win the Tenth title, which is really important for the club”.

“The team will do it so everyone who supports Madrid can celebrate winning the European Cup.”

“We need a mini Bernabéu because it’s a very important game in which there will be difficult moments. The fans have to cheer us on to give the team strength”.
1Amancio: “In these matches the fans are essential”
“One of the most important things that will help us win the Tenth is the fans. In these matches they’re essential, they have to throw themselves into it and give all their support to the players. The most important thing is concentration, knowing who your opponents are and using your weapons. You have to match your opponents physically, and technically I think we’re superior. That’s our trump card”.

“I hope we give everything for the shirt and the trophy comes home. Real Madrid need a team that is committed body and soul and fans who get behind the team as one. Real Madrid is not just 11 players, it’s 100,00 supporters and members, its players and the board of directors. The whole group has to be very united tomorrow”.
7Gento: “A victory for Real Madrid is a victory for the fans”
“The team has played well all season and will win because we’re going to fight. We know what’s at stake; it’s a European Cup final, and we’re better. If we play like we did in the knock-out stages against Bayern, with the same desire and team spirit, fighting and playing unselfishly, we’ll win. It’s not enough here to win a Copa; we have to win everything”.

“To the supporters who’ve travelled and those who are here I urge them to cheer on the team; their opponents have great fans and they make a lot of noise. The supporters know that a victory for Real Madrid is a victory for them as well”.

5Di Stéfano: “The guys are going to bring the cup home”
“Pressure is key in these matches. The team has quality but to show it is another thing; if you’re nervous you attract bad luck. Madrid have their class and Atlético have theirs. Atlético will be determined, they have been winning and they have good fans, I hope the Madrid supporters respond with another ovation for the players”.

“The fans will be very important. In our days we didn’t have such big stadiums. I hope our team wins the Tenth. The guys are going to bring the cup home”.

I especially love that picture of Hierro. There are a ton of things to post tonight, so I’m just going to power through it!

– Lozil

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