It Takes A Village

11 Jun

motd-world-cup_720x405The World Cup kicks off tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited! Don’t forget that there is still time to join the HB & HB World Cup Pool (and for those who already signed up, don’t forget to make your picks!) But that’s not all we have planned!

I have reached out to some of our watishistas to join in the World Cup coverage fun. Along with me, each of them will be taking a Group and covering the matches and any other thing that their hearts desire.

Here are your watishista correspondents for the group stage:

Group A – meridiansour
Group B – Katie Ann
Group C – Dr. P
Group D – Lozil
Group E – Kfunk22
Group F – Mandi
Group G – mygypsyspirit
Group H – forzasusan

Hooray! And I’ll also be trying to do some World Cup related Bits & Bobs so if you see things of interest, please feel free to send them in via the comments or to the HB & HB gmail account which is noted on the About Us page.  (Just like Luz did yesterday with that fantastic John Oliver video)

If you’re interested in writing about a World Cup topic you’re not seeing covered here, please get in touch with me. We’d love more contributions. I know of one of our watishistas who will be attending the World Cup so she’ll hopefully be bringing back some fun eyewitness tales. And we may need more people to cover teams after the group stages so definitely let me know if you’re interested.

I’ll be posting the first watishista correspondent report shortly and you’re going to love it.


– Lozil

One Response to “It Takes A Village”

  1. Natalie June 11, 2014 at 7:23 pm #

    YaY!!! Made my picks, hope i will be better at this than last time!!!

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