World Cup 2014 – Group A: Arrival and Training Pics

12 Jun

Group A


Well some shit went down with the Cameroon players when they decided to go on strike over their pay.

They were in Yaounde for their friendlies and pre-tournament training but the players refused to get on their plane to Brazil over disagreements on their appearance payments. The Cameroon Football Association (which has the hilarious acronym of FECAFOOT) ended up agreeing to shell out £7,200 more overall per player on top of the approximately £62,000 originally offered pay. Bit of a shitty thing right before the World Cup in my opinion, that’s not much money to these professional footballers either so I’ll never understand. Anyways, it’s all good now and the team has arrived in Rio de Janeiro where they’ll be based for the tournament.

Their captain “old man” Eto’o

Jazz hands everyone, like cheerleader training.


Seleção. Neymar. World cup. Pretty much the three most talked about topics in Brazil with the weight of a nation’s hopes and dreams for their 6th World Cup trophy. So yeah, not asking for much. Their first match kicks off today (because this post is late) against Croatia at 4pm EST and hopefully it’ll a great start to the world cup. All I want is a good game, maybe a goal or two, sportsmanship on the pitch and no injuries. Basically like the Brazilian people, no expectations at all.

Neymar probably saved another kiddy pitch invader

David Luiz’s glorious curls are still there

Comfy chairs for tactical sessions.

Also have a cheerful training camp video from the Brazil Football Federation set to cheerful samba music.


Not much to say about Mexico, every from their qualifying games to their pre-tournament friendlies have seemed kind of lackluster. Also all the official pictures from the gallery of the Mexican Football Association has blinding photoshop touch-ups done, seriously who’s idea was this?

Arrival in Brazil (plane not as cool as Japan’s).

Training time, though you can barely see their faces with the awful motif.


Not much is happening with Croatia, no player dramas, weighty expectations or badly altered photos.

The Croatian team arriving at their hotel in Brazil, love the decal on their travel cases.

Goalkeeper training

It’s harder to pick out Luka now since he looks so normal.

Well that’s it, enjoy the first game!

-Cindy/ @meridiansour

One Response to “World Cup 2014 – Group A: Arrival and Training Pics”

  1. jellyace June 13, 2014 at 12:58 am #

    I like the Croatian team’s suitcases!

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