World Cup 2014 – The Wake Up Call & Even Weirder Beat Up Xabi Photoshoot

13 Jun

Adidas launched their Wake Up Call campaign starring (as usual) Messi along with Dani Alves, Basti Schweinsteiger, Luis Suarez,  Xavi, Jordi Alba, Mesut Ozil,  Robin Van Persie and David Villa along with many of their national teammates. It’s supposed to be dreamlike but the photo shoot after the jump is more the stuff of nightmares.

What was really odd though was that they did an #allinornothing photo shoot which reenacts Nigel De Jong’s World Cup 2010 karate kick to the chest on Xabi. WTF?
xabi1xabi2I know I said I’d take my Xabi any old way you wanted to give him to me, but this? Not so much. Very weird. Anyhow, about that famous moment, Xabi said:

“It may have hurt to have been kicked in the chest, but the pain meant nothing when I was celebrating winning the trophy for Spain. The World Cup is not a time to think about such things. The pain is temporary, the victory is forever.”

Yes, there is that.

– Lozil

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