World Cup 2014 – Group H: The Red Devils and Fennec Foxes prepare for the big day

16 Jun

LukakuThe Belgian Red Devils are confidently moving towards their opening match on Tuesday against Algeria in Belo Horizonte. They arrived in Belo Horizonte this morning from their home base in Sao Paulo.

Romelu Lukaku was received well by the media and then the team headed off for a training session this afternoon.
first training in Belo Horizonte

poor Vermaelen's knees

Poor Thomas Vermaelen’s knees look awful but luckily its just ice!

Belgian training
Great news — Lukaku appears to be training as he’s pictured here having a water break with teammates Kompany and Diers Mertens. Also good news as Kevin DeBruyne and Divok Origi were both cleared after being taken off the field in training yesterday with ankle knocks. Thanks to Kris Voakes on Twitter with the good news.

Meanwhile, Algeria had a week of training in Sorocaba and then headed to Belo Horizonte to prepare to meet Belgium.
Algeria training june nine

Here they are training on June 9 in Sorocaba. Djabou, pictured above, expects a tough match on Tuesday and while I agree, I hope the Fennec foxes can give a good showing!

– ForzaSusan

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