World Cup 2014: Movie-Inspired Posters of World Cup Stars

18 Jun

Cristiano Ronaldo
Superpower: Balance. Power. Vision. The quickest in the game. A one-on-one and free kick specialist. And one of the top 2 players of the world.
Position: Forward

Digitally Inspired Media, an India-based marketing and advertising agency, has created eight graphic posters in honour of eight 2014 World Cup Stars.

As the world counts down to the biggest sporting event in history, we at Digitally Inspired Media cannot be far behind in paying tribute to the game’s true legends. While Hollywood incessantly churns out scores of reel-life heroes every year, the real-life heroes are the ones who are about to go to battle in the world’s football capital, Brazil. For those 90 minutes, these godly athletes will give every inch of blood, sweat and tears to win the most coveted award of them all and make their nation proud.

As part of our tribute to these heroes, we have created a series of exclusive posters for the star contenders of the World Cup, inspired the titles of blockbuster films that justify the dedicated traits of each player better than the respective movies itself. To create these posters, we incorporated a cutting-edge crystal design, symbolizing the presence of a singular, strong inner core with an outer surface that is capable of transcending boundaries and achieve the impossible, much like our heroes who give everything they have for the spirit of the most beautiful game ever played.

In summary, they created some pretty kick-ass posters.

Superpower: Unbelievable pace, astonishing playmaking skills
Position: Forward, winger or attacking midfielder

Luis Suarez
Superpower: Extremely powerful, incredibly aerial and plays aggressively with a ‘bite’
Position: Forward

Mario Balotelli
Superpower: Agile, quick and astonishingly aggressive. One of the best penalty kick takers in world football.
Position: Striker

Mesut Ozil
Superpower: An artistic genius when it comes to football. A player with a great imagination who can never be replicated.
Position: Midfielder

Wayne Rooney
Superpower: One of the most versatile players in the world.
Position: Forward

Andres Iniesta
Superpower: A tactical legend. The controller. The Kingmaker. And one of the best midfielders of his generation.
Position: Midfielder

Lionel Messi
Superpower: The re-incarnation of Diego Maradona. Runs faster with the ball than without it. Arguably the greatest player of all time.
Position: Forward

– hopechaser (twitter: hopechaser11)

One Response to “World Cup 2014: Movie-Inspired Posters of World Cup Stars”

  1. jellyace June 20, 2014 at 10:36 am #

    I would have never have thought of Iniesta as The Dark Knight Rising but more like White Nights. Nice posters!

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