World Cup 2014 – Group G News – Injuries (For More Than Just Players), Kobe Bryant, and Ghana Pulling a France 2010?

20 Jun



It turns out the injury woes for the USA were more than had originally been reported. Jozy Altidore could be out for just the Portugal match OR for the entire tournament. Seems like a big disparity there. Don’t tell ‘em anything Jurgen! Keep ‘em guessing!

Matt Besler is ready to play, as I mentioned in an earlier post, but it turns out that Geoff Cameron had been feeling rather under the weather during the match. He obviously feels good enough now to goof off with Jermaine Jones in that photo above. Alejandro Bedoya re-aggravated an old hip injury and was fighting off cramps. I have so many things to say to that. Mostly heat stroke type stuff, but I’m sure the physios are keeping the boys hydrated. And Clint Dempsey’s nose was broken by Boye’s shin.

NBA star Kobe Bryant, who’s been in Brazil catching a few matches, apparently doesn’t like Jurgen Klinsmann’s view of star players. Because Kobe is SO relevant to the sport. I guess he’d be in line to hate on Jose Mourinho, then.

I’m not going to attempt to write anything about this. Just go ahead and give the article a click.



Still doubts about Cristiano’s knee. But Beto, back up goalkeeper, says that Crispy is 100 percent fit. Now, since we all know that 100 percent isn’t good enough for CR7, Portugal will be hoping he can be more influential against the United States than he was able to be against Germany.

I particularly like what Beto had to say about the United States team and Portugal’s mentality going in:

”The best version of Portugal can beat United States,” he said. ”We respect the United States of America. It is a very good team. They grew up the last years and so we got to respect them. But we believe in ourselves.”


I’m going to have to have a conversation with my favorite Michael Jackson impersonator about his hair *sigh*

Kevin-Prince Boateng is getting ready to face his brother on Saturday. And while it’s not the first time they’ve faced each other, they haven’t talked to each other in a few days. Imagine not talking to someone you’re extremely close to for a few days because you’re about to ‘fight to the death’ (His words, not mine). In 2010, they were the first brothers to ever compete against each other in a World Cup. Of course, they have faced each other before. KPB plays for Schalke and Jerome for Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga.

And in more drama-filled news:

There have been rumors for a couple of days that The Black Stars were basically staging a revolt after their loss to USA. Ghana’s Football Association is denying it (as you do). The misunderstanding happened when Ghana rescheduled a press conference due to their late arrival back to their home base from Natal.



Thomas Muller looks like he got revenge on the German staff member that was talking crap about him. Granted this is pure speculation on my part and not truth in any way other than he hit a staff member in the face.

Muller has much better placement on a regular size goal than he does in the 3v3 training goals, it seems. This poor member of Germany’s staff was just trying to enjoy his lunch! Shame on you Thomas! Thanks to hopechaser for sending me this one.

Muller, who has only played one match this far, is currently top-scorer of the World Cup. He shares the spot with Robin Van Persie and Arjen Robben, who have played two matches to this point.

Next Matches:
Saturday 21 June – 16:00 Local Time: Germany v Ghana
Sunday 22 June – 18:00 Local Time: USA v Portugal


One Response to “World Cup 2014 – Group G News – Injuries (For More Than Just Players), Kobe Bryant, and Ghana Pulling a France 2010?”

  1. Katie Ann June 20, 2014 at 3:40 pm #

    Rolling my eyes at Kobe Bryant…

    Klinsmann reminds me of my college track coach (who is, incidentally, also German), so I find myself agreeing with him a lot of the time. He recognizes that athleticism is impermanent, which a lot of people- especially athletes themselves- don’t like to admit.

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