World Cup 2014: #AskZlatan

22 Jun

“Ask Zlatan a question and Zlatan will blow your mind with an answer.”

Nike’s “Risk Everything” campaign has a new twist. For the next “month-ish” they are sponsoring a #AskZlatan hashtag and campaign. People can tweet questions using the hashtag, then “Zlatan” will answer the selected ones via a video response.

This video introducing the campaign was released last week, and Nike has been releasing additional videos as questions are answered. All are available for your immense enjoyment on the Nike Football YouTube channel.

The soccer balls mounted on the wall are priceless!

This video is his response to a (supposed) question from former Italian footballer and World Player of the Year Fabio Cannavaro:

The way he says “1-nil, Cannavaro” just slays me!

Here he is interviewing Socceroo winger Tommy Oar:

This my personal favorite, thus far anyway:

“Click shades. Your move.”

– hopechaser (twitter: hopechaser11)

One Response to “World Cup 2014: #AskZlatan”

  1. M June 22, 2014 at 3:24 pm #

    Priceless stuff….I love this man.

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