Will He Stay Or Will He Go?

10 Jul
Would that picking one's team was as easy as picking one's shoes

Would that picking one’s team was as easy as picking one’s shoes, eh?

So where will El Pirata end up this coming season? On June 30th,  Real Sociedad posted an official notice thanking three players whose contracts had ended: Esteban, Jose Angel & Javi Ros.  El Pirata’s loan was officially up, so it’s back to QPR now. Or is it?

He has been in London in the last week or so getting ready for the pre-season. He posted this shot saying “The calm before the storm”

tumblr_n86utgfQns1r00inno1_500He’s been spotted by eagle eyed fans and was out having dinner with QPR teammate Alejandro Faurlin (who as we already know is a fellow guitar playing hipster).  Those two are such good buddies that El Pirata even brought Alejandro to Madrid to see his boo Leiva perform. That’s some serious bromancin’!

tumblr_n837ibmdZ51r00inno1_500 tumblr_n837ibmdZ51r00inno2_500 tumblr_n8enjtpkWW1r00inno1_500I see he’s brought one of his favorite sweaters back to London with him. Is it really sweater weather there right now? Damn it. I’m gonna be there in about 6 weeks. It’s too early for sweaters! HOLY SHIT! I just realized that I’m going to be in London on Transfer Deadline Day. That’s going to be interesting, to say the least.

Ahem. But anyway, it looks like all hope may not be lost for keeping Pirata in Spain. It’s being said by a number of media outlets that he is willing to lower his salary (again) so that he can stay with La Real. I guess we’ll just have to wait this one out.

– Lozil

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