World Cup 2014: Human World Cup Trophy

10 Jul

Wow. Just. Wow. This is incredible! What you are viewing above is London artist Emma Allen, who used body paint to turn herself into the World Cup. Just look at this comparison of the two “trophies”:

Per an interview with the London Evening Standard:

It took the artist two-and-a half hours to carefully transform herself with body paint in front of a mirror in her flat before posing perfectly to recreate the gold trophy.

The 33-year-old, from Elephant and Castle, created the black background by painting her arms black and leaning against a black pillow.

She donned a bald cap to turn her head into the earth, painting the detail on to her face and head with carefully mixed shades of gold.

She then recreated the two figures holding up the earth by painting her hands and wrists in the same gold, with green bands across her forearms to complete the base of the trophy.

Finally she lined up the shot using a camera plugged into her computer.

Ms Allen said: “The World Cup trophy is such an iconic symbol around the world so I wanted to try and see if I could represent it in a face paint. It’s been interesting to see all the different interpretations of the picture.”

She added: “I just had a good feeling it would work. I’m not the biggest football fan, I just wanted to give it a go.

“The hardest thing was getting my arms and hands in the right position. I took a lot of pictures before settling on the final one.”

I can barely put on eyeliner in 2.5 hours, let alone body paint to create something like this. Major respect!

You can check out more of Allen’s (non-World Cup) work on her website or follow her on Twitter.

– hopechaser (twitter: hopechaser11)

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