World Cup 2014 Final: Germany 1 – Argentina 0

14 Jul


MyGypsySpirit: What a tournament it has been! I can’t remember a tournament that has been quite as exciting as this. Granted, I have a terrible memory. But the consensus has been pretty outstanding. This was one of the best World Cups in anyone’s memory.

Over 37 days we have seen 170 goals scored in 63 matches (not including the final). There have been 10 red cards, 8 goals in one match (ugh!), and 4 surprisingly exciting penalty shootouts. Oh… And one bite.

Mandi: And 8 matches ended in either extra time or a penalty shoot out. Pretty sure that’s got to be a record.

MGS: This match report is going to be a little different, as you can see. Fellow Watishista Correspondent Mandi and I have known each other for quite a few years now. She is like a sister to me (whether she likes it or not).

Mandi: We lean more towards the not most days.

MGS: With that, comes some fun banter. And Lozil had the good idea of doing this write-up a bit differently. It’s also a bit longer than normal.

Estadio do Maracana, Rio De Janeiro


Germany: Gotze (113’)


Germany: Manuel Neuer; Philipp Lahm, Mats Hummels, Jerome Boateng, Benedikt Hoewedes; Cristoph Kramer, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Toni Kroos, Mesut Ozil, Thomas Mueller; Miroslav Klose.

Argentina: Sergio Romero; Pablo Zabaleta, Martin Demichelis, Ezequiel Garay, Marcos Rojo; Lucas Biglia, Javier Mascherano, Enzo Perez; Ezequiel Lavezzi, Gonzalo Higuain, Lionel Messi.

MGS: Poor Angel was left out of Argentina’s lineup due to struggling with a thigh injury. He’d also missed the semi-final against Netherlands. Sami was replaced by Kramer after receiving some kind of calf injury in the warm-up. Injury Fairy SERIOUSLY hated on Real Madrid players during this tournament!

Mandi: But let’s hope the witch got it out of her system and will leave them alone now. Now Barca players or Chelsea players on the other hand….

MGS: Mandiiiiiiii!! I’d say I miss your stupid face, but I get to see you in two weeks.

Mandi: I have to deal with you again?! Ugh! Fine.. I suppose I can deal with you for a few days.

MGS: Hehe. So… Once again, ESPN advertised this match as a “Man Against Machine” thing. I find myself raging at that headline like I did for Portugal v Germany.

Mandi: Argentina will always be considered simultaneously the favorite and the underdog for every match they play in. I still don’t get how that works but hey.

MGS: Not sure I get that either. I completely missed the pre-game show/party. But I had to include this photo. I think it’s going to tear Shigs in a million different directions at once. That makes me giggle a little bit because I have no soul. Germany v Argentina: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil FinalMandi: I squeed in the middle of the bar that I was in when I saw a picture of them all together. Then I saw all of Beckham’s boys were in Argentina gear and I cried inside a bit.

MGS: First real action of the match: At 4 minutes Germany won a free kick when Rojo brought Schweinsteiger down. His kick hit the wall, however and Argentina went on the break.

Mandi: I’m glad you remember because I was already a beer in at this point and trying not to dissolve of laughter from stories from the night before. Don’t worry we settled down afterwards.

MGS: I take notes for a reason… The first glimpse of perhaps a bad defensive pairing? 10’ in and Messi just flew down the right side. Hummels looked a bit like an awkward giraffe as he tried to keep up.

Mandi: Unfortunately, Hummels didn’t have the speed to keep up with You Know Who at all in this match. It could be devastating to Germany.

MGS: This match was showing signs of being exciting. Not long after Messi’s break forward, Klose just couldn’t get on the end of Lahm’s cross.

Mandi: At 17’ Kramer ran into Garay’s shoulder. He crumpled to the ground but was allowed to re-enter the match. This is one of those times that makes you cringe and wish for stricter medical control when it comes to head injuries.

MGS: There’s a soapbox I’d like to get on for that one. At 21’ a massive mistake by Toni Kroos saw him head the ball back, almost directly to Bootylicious Pipita. But one-on-one with Neuer and Higuain’s shot went just wide. Mandi: Was he offsides there? I think he was…. Granted that’s his normal position. (I love me some Gonzo, btw.)

MGS: How do you know it’s Pipita when you’re sitting at the top of the Bernabeu?

Mandi: “I like big butts and I cannot lie. You other brothers can’t deny, when a girl walks in with a itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face…”

MGS: HAHAHAHA! Dying over here… In the 28th minute, Schweinsteiger received the first yellow card of the match for bringing down Ezequiel Lavezzi. I thought the card was harsh, personally. Mandi: Very harsh. A lot of the cards in this match were harsh.

MGS: At 29’ EVERYONE thought that Bootylicious had scored for Argentina. But he bloody lives offside and the linesman was the only one that saw it. To be fair, it was a sweet pass and one touch goal. Classic Higuain. *sigh*Mandi: I actually felt bad for him. It was a pretty goal and Gonzo was off and celebrating only to find out, nope!

MGS: Definitely a rough pill to swallow. At 31’ Kramer couldn’t continue. He had to be helped off the field and replaced by Schurrle who, to his credit, has been great off the bench for Germany. But Kramer was completely out of it. He never should have been allowed to continue after the knock in the first place!

Mandi: You said it perfectly. And again, we need stricter rules in FIFA for head injuries. I get wanting to play on, I do, but head injuries are NO JOKE!

MGS: SOMEONE needs to overrule a player in these situations… At 34’ Howedes was booked for a pretty nasty tackle on Zabaleta. This time, I actually agreed with the call.

Mandi: Yup. This was actually the right call. For once. I didn’t really like this ref.

MGS: I didn’t at first. I thought he handled the first half pretty poorly. His linesmen saved him. Schurrle made a pretty quick impact. In the 37th minute, he forced a great save from Romero.

Mandi: I’m just sitting here nodding. Yip, yip, yip. (And MGS, it better say exactly that when published online!!!!!)

MGS: (Mandi happens to know that I’m freaked out by the monsters in Sesame Street that go “yip yip yip.” She’s evil)

MGS: I hate you. I hate you so much right now… In the 40th minute, Messi made an infuriatingly dangerous run into the box. The pass made Neuer scramble, but Germany dealt with it. The back and forth play to this point had been quite fantastic. If not nerve wracking for both sides.

Mandi: Hmmm. 40th minute and we’ve discussed He Who Shall Not Be Named exactly twice. Such a major impact, right? Neuer was forced out of his happy place here. You could tell he’s a bit off kilter. And yeah, the back and forth play so far has made this one of the best first halves in a while for this tournament. About 20 minutes into this match I was commenting to those I was watching with (our own Dr. P and ForzaSusan) that I couldn’t wait to see the possession stats.

MGS: At 44’ Muller, who seemed to have found himself pushed out to the wing a bit more in this match than in previous matches, made a lovely cross into the box. Klose was on the other end but just couldn’t get a head on it.

Mandi: I cried a bit at this. It was so close. And yet so far away. Argentina had been flooding the box defensively this match. Absolutely FLOODING it.

MGS: Again Germany had a brilliant chance (probably their best yet) when Howedes absolutely smashed a header off the post in the first extra minute of stoppage time.

Mandi: The ball came back to Muller and he had a weak shot but the offsides gods didn’t like him any more than Gonzo. Of course Romero, the saving grace of Argentina, saved it anyways.

MGS: The first half ended in what I felt was Germany’s favor. I heard the commentator (Ian Darke I believe) mention that Messi had only gotten 16 touches to the ball in the first half.

Mandi: This doesn’t surprise me. Honestly, You Know Who was absent this entire match. He had some set pieces that didn’t produce anything but other than that… Who?

MGS: He was rather absent. I do have to admit though, Argentina were looking dangerous in certain situations.

Mandi: They were. They had a couple of attacks going, mostly ending with Gonzo getting called offsides though. If he could have stayed onsides, wow, Argentina would have at least had the lead going into the half if not more.

MGS: I’m ending the first half with this because I have to admit that Milan is freaking adorable. Look at the cheeks! tumblr_n8o3i5BqLk1rjev45o1_500

Second Half:

Germany v Argentina: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil FinalMGS: ESPN kept showing those beautiful shots of Christ the Redeemer like they’ve got on the big screen in that shot above (which I think is actually from the first half, but it was a good way to break things up). The second half began with Sergio Aguero replacing Ezequiel Lavezzi. I heard an “Oh my…” from the Germany fan next to me as they showed him coming on, and my friend let out a very loud “Dayum, he’s fine!” I can’t say I disagree.

Mandi: *Snort* Yeah… too bad he plays for City.

MGS: Eh, just add him to my Valdes List… Almost immediately Messi had a beautiful chance. He received the ball on the left but his shot just went across and barely missed the far post. Mandi: This is what he’s known for and was expected to have been doing all match. If he had a few more of those in the first half with Gonzo playing the way he was, we could have had an entirely different match.

MGS: At the 56th minute Neuer came out charging like a bull which, ya know, he does. In punching the ball he cleaned out poor Pipita. I was actually really worried about him.

Mandi: Yeah, this one scared me. Although I’m a little pissed that a foul was called on Pipita. No, I’m sorry, not at all. At the same time, I’ve heard people complaining that Neuer deserved a yellow card or a penalty kick awarded for that. I don’t agree with that at all. MGS: I’m of the opinion that Neuer has the right to come out for that. I don’t think it deserved a call either. It amazes me that it doesn’t look as bad in slow motion as it did in real time.

Mandi: I didn’t until I saw a picture of it. Owie. 9QXgURXMGS: Two yellow cards were given to Argentina around the 65th minute. One went to Javier Mascherano, who seemed to have been lucky to that point. The other found its way to Sergio Aguero for a strong challenge on Andre Schurrle.

Mandi: Of course Mascherano got one. He wouldn’t be him if he didn’t!

MGS: At 71’ Andre Schurrle looked like he might have a chance. But his shot was weak and Sergio Romero collected it easily. Just two minutes later, Messi did his amazing dribbling thing (look, I may not like the guy but he’s brilliant) around the defense at the outside of the box. The shot, however, didn’t get enough curl on it.

Mandi: Apparently You Know Who decided that he better actually play in the second half. And yes, he’s brilliant. But not the Messiah as commentators have called him.

MGS: No, and that’s more on the media’s treatment of him than anything else. This match seemed destined to go into extra time at this time. And at the 77th minute, the forever offside Gonzalo Higuain was taken off for Rodrigo Palacio.

Mandi: We all knew the extra time was coming, I think we knew it was inevitable. Although Dr. P and ForzaSusan were desperately hoping that wouldn’t be true.

MGS: At 81’ Mesut delivered an exquisite ball to Toni Kroos but the shot was just wide. If Mesut was going to have his best match of the tournament, this was the one to do it in! And he was definitely doing it. With that said, when Schurrle came in it gave Mesut the chance to move freely in the midfield. That roaming midfielder role is his best, after all. In the 84th minute Messi and Aguero looked dangerous, but Aguero put his shot just over.

Mandi: These two know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They are a dangerous combo. It kind of scares me when they’re on the pitch together.

MGS: Okay, did Fernando Gago get more adorable since his Madrid days or is that just me?

Mandi: Yes, yes he did. He replaced Perez in the 88th minute followed shortly by Gotze replacing Klose. It was Argentina’s last substitution and Germany’s second. tumblr_n8o4tsobul1rjev45o1_500MGS: I’m a bit partial to Klose. I’ll definitely miss him and his flips on the international stage.

Mandi: Don’t remind me. I can’t believe he’s retiring. I just might cry! (Ok, no, I won’t but still, Germany is going to miss him and so will I.) In the 91st minute, Germany had a final chance at winning the trophy and Gotze’s shot went straight to Romero who collected it easily.

MGS: And then, for the third time in a row, the World Cup Final went into extra time.

Extra Time:

MGS: Almost immediately, Schurrle struck the ball hard. But Romero had quick reflexes and blocked the shot.

Mandi: In the 93rd minute, Aguero shot down the wing, but the cross went straight across the face of the goal (as a former goalkeeper, UGH!) and out for a goal kick.

MGS: As a former defender, I second that UGH! For all their chances, Argentina were really struggling to pull their shots off. At 96’ Rojo chipped the ball over the top to Palacio, but he couldn’t control it. In the end, the shot was wide of the target.

Mandi: That was a common theme of this tournament for Argentina. Plenty of chances, not taking them. Thus ended the first half of extra time and bringing us one step closer to ending the tournament with penalty kicks.

MGS: I did not want that. Penalty kicks are harsh. At 108’ Schweinsteiger took another hit (he was just getting beat up) and had to leave the field. He ended up with a cut under his eye. My friend made the comment “He was hot before, but I find him oddly more attractive with the blood on his face.” tumblr_n8o6cbIRPb1rjev45o1_500Mandi: I was amazed at how much he was legitimately on the grass. This man isn’t Robben or Biscuits. When he went down, well, look at the blood. And really? Hotter with blood on his face? Dare I ask who this was? And of course your friends would like a guy better with blood on his face.

MGS: Same girl that got me kicked out of a bar because I had to pry her from beating the crap out of a guy… I never said I wasn’t friends with weirdos *AHEM*

Mandi: YUP! I mean, just look at T, C, V, Lozil, Cap…. Oh, did you mean me?! PSH! Go look in a mirror.

MGS: Ohhhh! You called Lozil weird! In the 113th minute Andre Schurrle played the ball over the top from the wing. Mario Gotze brought it down exquisitely (I only reserved that term for special occasions. I’m not Ray Hudson) with his chest and, under pressure, volleyed the ball to the far post. tumblr_n8o6lbEDLm1rjev45o1_500Mandi: If you were Ray Hudson, we wouldn’t be friends. At this point, I just sort of froze. I was waiting for an offsides call. The table behind me went absolutely bonkers however. They were an entertaining bunch. MGS: After being roommates, I’m pretty sure that we’re lucky we’re friends at all… I love Angela Merkel in that gif. She’s like “I’m happy, but damn. It wasn’t Schweini.”

Mandi: True statement. She was very restrained. But then again, she was sitting next to two forces of evil, so I guess you can’t be too excited.

MGS: Touché. At 122’ Schweini brought down Messi about 35 yards out. Giving Argentina a chance to equalize.

Mandi: And in return to his first half form, You Know Who decided to play American football and go for a field kick, successfully.

MGS: The German players and coaching staff (and all the fans) began imploring the ref to blow the whistle. And finally….

Mandi: Well, let’s just say the Germans and Germany’s fans went bonkers after that point. Doggy pile!!!!! (And this about the time the aforementioned table decided Jager shots were a good idea.)tumblr_n8o723SL4S1rjev45o1_500MGS: Jager shots are NEVER a good idea. Is it really over? Do we have to wait four more years for the World Cup?

Mandi: Well, for the actual tournament, yes. But don’t forget there are qualifications first! Onwards to RUSSIA! MGS: I’m just saying, I’d contemplate going to Russia…

Mandi: I’ll translate! I’m not contemplating by the way. I’m already starting to save up and plan.

MGS: I guess I should start the planning and new job thing, then. Until Russia! (But really until next weekend for the Arsenal match).

I’m not going to post all of the photos on this post. It’s already long as it is. I’m going to burden Lozil with reformatting a completely separate pic spam post of the celebrations later because of the metric assload of social media posts. But there are some more photos below.

In closing (and before the photos and gifs), congratulations to Germany. They truly played like a team during this tournament. It was a deserved fourth star on the jersey for them. I do feel kind of bad for Messi, in a way. Not because I like him or anything. Just because, as a country, Argentina have never accepted him. He’s never lived up to Maradona. Unfortunately, I don’t think they will accept him until he’s won that first World Cup. He’s a brilliant player and quite frankly I think it’s sad that they are still stuck so heavily on Maradona. But hey, Messi’s still only 27 (until next week). We may have to suffer through that fate yet…

Mandi: He did receive the Golden Ball award which is something. And while, I do not like him at all, he is a very brilliant player. But unfortunately he doesn’t really play all that well with his National Team Teammates.

Michael Ballack. One happy GQMF And finally…

-mygypsyspirit & Mandi

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  1. Natalie July 15, 2014 at 2:36 pm #

    4 years ago it was Spain. Wonder who will be in 4 years time

  2. jellyace July 18, 2014 at 1:34 pm #

    Best match commentary ever!

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