Friday Training, A Visit From Becks And More

25 Jul

Satellite (2)The team had their final training today before their first match vs. Inter Milan in Berkeley tomorrow.

(Training Video) Gotta say, the beginning of that video traumatized me. I’ve spent a lot of time rolling on my ITB in physical therapy and it hurts like a mofo.

On hand to watch were the Los Angeles and Southern California peñas. Luka, Xabi & Gareth struck a pose with them. (Video)

Satellite (12)The mothership had this really interesting video with Jack Nayler who is the First Team Sports Scientist/Conditioning Coach for Real Madrid. He shows some of the technology that measures their speed and other factors for analysis later. I love these behind the scenes glimpses at some of the other roles that keep the club going.

Davy Becks came to visit the team at training today. He posed with the young’uns and got a lot of face time with people like G-Money. I had to go to Iker & Sergio’s Instagram to get pictures of them together. Sheesh! A flood of Becksillas pictures should be a given. I’m disappointed in you, RM photogs!

I did enjoying Gareth obviously fangirling over Becks and Xabi giving some major side eye.

The line up against Inter Milan has been announced: DLo, Carvajal, Pepe, Nacho, Diego Llorente, Illarra, Medrán, Isco, Lucas Vázquez, Raúl de Tomas and Bale. On the bench: Jesús, Pacheco, Derik, Omar, Marcos Llorente and Sobrino.

They will make the trip to Berkeley. Staying behind to train at UCLA are Iker, Man Edith, Sergio, Xabi, Arbeloa & Fabio. Cris arrives tomorrow.

Seems like all Arbie & Xabi are doing is hanging out with basketball players. Arbie posted this:

Caption: This morning we’ve been practising with some friends. Xabi and I beat them easily but we enjoyed a lot.  #KevinDurant #RussellWestbrook #MichaelBeasly #BobbyMaze #XabiAlonso #UCLA #NBA #TopPlayers

Cheeky bastard! They also posted a gym shot with a shoutout to their “coach” Dontaye Draper.

BtOQYaHCQAIpn95And Pepe made the entire world rejoice when he posted this tweet a few hours ago:

Apparently, sanity finally won out. And on that note, gotta start getting my stuff sorted out for tomorrow. Going to see Arsenal with a whole gang of watishistas. For those of you going to the RM-Inter match, have  a great time and Hala Madrid!

– Lozil


One Response to “Friday Training, A Visit From Becks And More”

  1. jellyace July 26, 2014 at 10:28 pm #

    Thank gawd! That staghorn coral hairdo must have made all his headers go off tangent!

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