I Love a Smiling Face

7 Aug

Woohoo – Cris’ commercials for the Facial Fitness Pao and the ReFa Active have arrived! The former is what that weird blade thingy Cris is holding in the picture is called and the latter is a male genitalia-esque hand-held massager. I really could not make this up.

He shot these commercials a couple weeks when he was in Japan promoting the Athletic Beauty Project and enduring a series of awkward and confusing press encounters for a big fat endorsement deal and for our eternal amusement.

Your first viewing is for the ReFa Active, or as I like to refer to it “fake balls of steel”. With this item, you are to grip it gently but firmly and slowly massage it all over your body while listening to elevator-style trance music. Or so I am speculating based on the demonstration. According to the website, it can be used for warm up, cool down, beauty, body care, and relaxation time.

Next is the “Facial Fitness Pao”. According to the product write-up, you are to hold the “Pao” in your mouth and shake it all about to increase and strength facial muscle tone so you can maintain a youthful smile. I’ve heard laughter will do the same thing, so how lucky are we these commercials exist so we can experience the wonders of the Facial Fitness Pao for FREEEEEE!

pao2 pao1

You just keep smiling Cris, all the way to the bank.

-hopechaser (and photos from the ad campaign via Lozil!)

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