Cristiano Launches His Second Underwear Collection

14 Aug

Rankin practices his best Villa next to a smiling Cris

Keeping on a clothing theme (or a ‘taking off clothing’ theme, as it were), I’ve been meaning to get this post on Cristiano’s latest underwear collection up for almost 2 weeks. It’s a good idea I waited because now it comes with extra added video!


Cris collaborated with photographer Rankin to launch his newest underwear collection.

Rankin got some fantastic shots of CR7, didn’t he? Doesn’t hurt that Cris is so ridiculously photogenic.

On August 3rd, giant Cristianos were projected on to buildings in 7 (get it? CR7?) fashion capitals worldwide: London, New York, Berlin, Lisbon, Paris, Milan and Madrid

Here’s a preview of the line that he did with Rankin:

And the always important “Behind The Scenes” video.

Cristiano’s line can be purchased here and I have it on good authority from a watishisto that it’s quite nice.

– Lozil

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