Match Recap: Real Madrid vs. Sevilla UEFA Super Cup Final

14 Aug

1First, I’m going to go ahead and talk about that picture of James. It. Is. Stunning. Both from a photography aspect (I’m actually obsessed with photos that use this type of profile/bright light composition) and HELLO! Look at those cheekbones! He was definitely born to be in Madrid.

Before we jump into the match, I apologize for this match recap taking so long to go up. I’ve had a very interesting past few days. I flew to Boston last Friday in order to become a Spartan like Arbeloa on Sunday. Which I did. My reward was a t-shirt, medal, and more cuts and bruises than I can count. But I had fun and remembered that I’m a lot tougher than I sometimes think I am. I had a job interview on Tuesday when I got back to my residence (most people know I do not call the south “home” at all) but the deciding factor, even though I killed the interview, was that I could not be hired without a Bachelor’s Degree. So on Wednesday I quit my job and I’m finally moving back to my house in D.C. in order to get my degree. I’ve been unable to concentrate and nervous as hell for days.

Wow, sorry for the rant. Anyway….

The team arrived to Cardiff Stadium looking freaking NICE! They always get me in the suits. I can’t be the only one. I know you’re all perving on it as much as I am. Look at Gareth! And Hierro looks exceptionally dashing as well. He’s no Zizou, mind you, but still…



Real Madrid: Casillas; Carvajal, Pepe, Ramos, Coentrao; Modric, Kroos; Bale, Rodriguez, Ronaldo; Benzema.

Sevilla: Beto; Fazio, Navarro, Pareja, Coke; Krychowiak, Carriço, Suárez, Vitolo, Parreu; Bacca.

We know Bale was excited to play at what is essentially his home stadium. He debuted for the Welsh National Team eight years ago and became the youngest player to ever do so in the process. He’s grown up so much! Or as someone pointed out he’d done over the summer, “he’s filled out nicely.”

Crispy’s fanboys got their pre-match pep talks from him. Looks like James is trying to monopolize his precious time. I hope Gareth doesn’t get too upset and do something like put eye-drops in James’ post-match Burger King (if you don’t know, eye-drops are basically a powerful laxative when ingested).

The match kicked off and Sevilla attacked first. They also earned the first corner kick of the match, which the Pony headed away.

We (forgive me, I will always refer to Real Madrid as “we”) got ourselves back down to the other end and Cristiano had a shot for himself, but struck it directly at Beto who collected it easily.

At 8’ Pepe committed the first foul by bumping Bacca to the ground. But nothing came of it for Sevilla and just a minute later we were treated to the speed of Gareth Bale for the first time during the match. I just love it when he unleashes that speed. If you haven’t seen it in person, it’s just absolutely stunning. It’s not as powerful as Cristiano, but it’s special. I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m odd.

Bale was taken down (or fell down depending on if you like him or not) just outside the box but referee Mark Clattenburg just told him to get up.

Gareth BaleIn the 12th minute, Carvajal made an inside pass to Bale. Gareth took a shot from 25-yards but it was just slightly deflected and went wide. It seemed we were going to enjoy the majority of the possession, with Sevilla sitting pretty deep and letting it happen. You had to wonder if they were just in awe of our forwards. I had a Barca fan tell me that our team is just scary. It is so, so scary. I’m glad it’s ours!

Barely a minute later, Crispy was brought down on the edge of the box by Coke and took the free kick. Did it hit someone’s hand? Cris seemed to think it did. But in the end it skipped over the net and we were awarded a corner.

We continued to attack, earning another corner but again it fizzled. Then Fazio took the ball up the left for Sevilla. But again, we dealt with it.

At 18’ James took off down the left and gave us a superb cross to the far post. Beto and both defenders had to scramble to deny Bale from sliding and touching the ball in from about six yards. It was the first real glimmer of James, but with a cross like that, I’d say he can fit in nicely.

At 20’ Carvajal made a poor pass that went straight to Vitolo. But Iker was able to block the impending shot and Sevilla earned a corner. It got a little hairy for us, as Iker didn’t punch it well and there was a bit of a scramble right in front of goal. But in the end Parreu ended up volleying the ball over the net. Did anyone else breathe a sigh of relief there?


In the 30th minute Cardiff’s homeboy Gareth Bale played a pretty, pretty cross from the left and Cristiano simply love touched it into the net.

He’s OURS people. And so is Gareth Bale! If you don’t love that, then… I’m sticking my tongue out at you because it’s an adult thing to do.

Almost immediately, James gaffed entirely too close to the net and Sevilla had an opportunity to equalize. But the shot was blocked by Iker. By the way, does everyone else LOVE this season’s goalkeeper kit?

We had another chance when Gareth unleashed a shot in the 40th minute. It was deflected wide, however.

Sevilla earned their first booking when Vitolo brought Cristiano down. But Madrid earned it right back as Carvajal brought Suarez down on the left of the area. But the resulting free kick came to nothing and the half ended with Madrid having a one goal advantage over Sevilla.

Second Half:

We started the half well, enjoying possession over Sevilla as we had in the first half. I know I haven’t mentioned him to this point, but a large reason we enjoyed so much possession was the skill of Kroos. I made the comment that it’s not going to take me long to accept him. I thought he was absolutely essential to the movement of the ball and holding up play in the first half. He sat rather deeper than I’m used to seeing him sit, but it was nice to see him fit in quite immediately. I get a tad giddy when I think about the depth of our team.


In the 49th minute, Cristiano struck again. He hammered the ball into the right corner (from the left). Beto got his hands to it but couldn’t handle the power of the shot. The play started with Kroos who gave it to Benzema. It was a nifty pass from Benzema to Ronaldo for the goal.

"I’ll never let go Cris! I’ll never let go!”

“I’ll never let go Cris! I’ll never let go!”

Seriously, James might be a bigger fanboy than Gareth. I worry for the cat fights that may ensue. But as long as they’re shirtless I guess I can’t complain too much. Or maybe they’ll fight over Cris in a dance off. Poor Gareth doesn’t stand a chance. Two beautiful left feet on that one, I bet.

At 53’ Kroos was booked.

We continued to enjoy the majority of possession with Sevilla just kind of plugging away. But they weren’t getting anywhere.

Bale took a freekick in the 63rd minute that powered into the wall. And then at 64’ Benzema drilled a low shot through the defense. Beto made a great save to deny him. Coentrao was there, but he was offside. Speaking of players having great games. Coentrao was back to being the player I remember from the 2010 World Cup. I wondered where he’d gone.

Sevilla made their first substitution in the 66th minute, bringing Aspas in for Parreu. I’d had no idea he wasn’t at Liverpool anymore. I can’t keep up!

Then in the 67th minute, Gareth and James hooked up with James showing us why we all fell in love during the World Cup. After Gareth rocketed down the right, he chipped the ball into James who volleyed it toward goal. There was a decent amount of movement on it but again, Beto came up with an amazing save.

Maybe Gareth and James will team up instead of fighting over Crispy. Imagine that bromance. Would Crispy begin to feel left out? What do we call that bromance? Jareth? Balerod? No, I’m done. Really.

At 72’ James was replaced by our lovely Isco. If James is going to come off, I don’t mind that substitution. Seriously, the depth! Look!

5Shortly after the sub, Modric skipped a volley over the net. He wasn’t having his best game. He wasn’t bad, don’t get me wrong. He was just quiet. Then again, I still can’t find him on the pitch with that haircut!

I’m ignoring the scuffle. Because I have a feeling we’re going to be talking about plenty of them this year.

After attempting an overhead kick in the 77th minute, Sergio was down for a moment. It looked to me like he may have landed on his neck/head. Cue the worry on my part that he’s got a concussion but was allowed to continue.

At 82’ Bale played Ronaldo in quite nicely. Cris probably would have had his hat trick there if not for a great challenge by Krychowiak. In the mix up, however, it appeared they knocked heads. Sir Tans-A-Lot received treatment while Marcelo came on for Coentrao and Figueiras replaced Coke.

Then in the 86th minute we got Xabi-Lite in for Modric.

At 89’ Sevilla had what might have been their best chance as Krychowiak struck a powerful shot from about 20 yards out. But Iker found himself back into his saintly role of our holy forcefield, slapping it out for a Sevilla corner.

The corner was headed out but only as far as Figueiras. He volleyed and thankfully it was deflected, though it was way too close for my comfort.

Even though Sevilla finished strongly, that was it. After 3 minutes of extra time we found ourselves with our first trophy of the season. Well deserved boys! There are a few things that still make me nervous *coughcoughDefensecoughcough* but we look good so far!

Iker lifted the Super Cup quite ecstatically because our capi is amazing. And Pepe and Modric almost got taken out by confetti. I can’t pretend it wouldn’t freak me out too.

Here it is in slow motion. Poor Edith. Look at him hide behind Pepe

Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Cristiano RonaldoThat’s it for the Super Cup. Bring on Spanish Super Copa and all the rest of the trophies we’re going to win this year! I’d even settle for just a treble. JUST a treble…

(photos and gifs by mgef, gf sports, fyeahreal, and football-hqs)


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  1. jellyace August 18, 2014 at 12:32 pm #

    The confetti gif is hilarious! I missed the match, so thank you for the recap!

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