The Shirt Off Your Back

14 Aug

dempWe’re all familiar with players throwing their game jerseys or training kits into the stands for fans at the end of games and workouts. Like Clint Dempsey did earlier this week, when he decided to trade his Seattle Sounders jersey for some popcorn from a young fan.

So cute, and the mom’s reaction is hilarious.

But have you ever heard of a fan providing their replica jersey to a player for an official match? Seems a bit romantic–the stuff of (R-rated) dreams even–and yet this is exactly what happened to one lucky fan a couple weeks ago at an AIK Stockholm game.

AIK Stockholm and Costa Rica NT midfielder (and former Daily Drool) Celso Borges was left off the team sheet for AIK’s game vs IFK Gothenburg on August 4. The team was negotiating a transfer bid from French team Evian, which they thought the deal would go through before the game. It didn’t so Borges received a late call-up to play.

downloadHowever, his kit had not been packed because he wasn’t suppose to be there. So the team went to the stands and spotted fan “Luis” wearing an AIK jersey with “Borges 10” sewn on the back. Luis gave the kit man his jersey, who then sewed on the sponsor patches so Borges could wear it.

Borges returned the jersey after the game to Luis who stated, “I’m proud to have helped the team I love.”

Brilliant, just brilliant.


One Response to “The Shirt Off Your Back”

  1. headbandsandheartbreak August 14, 2014 at 3:53 pm #

    I love both these stories so much. And those lucky mamas! 🙂

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