Another Bloody Nose

17 Aug


So this happened. After the Bastia vs PSG match Saturday, Bastia forward Brandao decided to wait around in the tunnel and headbutt PSG midfielder Thiago Motta. Then he ran away like a coward to the Bastia dressing room, with a bloody and fractured-nosed Motta in quick pursuit.

Brandao’s teammate Julian Palmieri has stated Motta was insulting Bastia players throughout the match, which could explain Brandao’s action:

But Motta spends his time insulting players. We know how it is. This is a great player but there are things not to say. I heard regularly during the meeting. I do not endorse this kind of thing because it’s the game and must lead by example. I do not endorse either the header or insults.

Me neither. We know words can hurt just as much as fists, and everyone has their breaking point. I get it; there have been a few times when I have not been the best version of myself in response to nasty verbal assaults. But what angers me here is that this didn’t “just happen” in the heat of the moment. Brandao waited in the tunnel, approached Motta, and smacked him good. There was deliberation and there was intent.

PSG defender David Luiz (ugh, not use to that word combination just yet) had this to say about the incident:

“We have a great job in the world to show a good example inside and outside the pitch. I think many kids in the world want to be us so they know about everything,” he told the press.

“That is not part of football. I don’t agree with this.

“Sometimes on the pitch you are more vulnerable with something and they speak bad things but that’s normal in football.

“But when you wait for someone outside the pitch to do a bad thing, I think that’s not [acceptable]. That’s not part of football.

“So I’m not happy with this because, after that, everyone in the world knows about this and, like I told you, that’s so important when you give a nice example for the kids.”

PSG captain Thiago Silva posted to Instagram with the following comment (funky translation courtesy of Bing):

I want to know how many games of suspension will be this guy… a guy foul all the time! Who wants to talk all the time instead of play! If I took 3 three games ago 2 years for touching the referee… imagine an attack such as this? The fourth referee has seen it all, I was at his side when this guy attacked our player!

PSG president Nasser Al Khelaifi wants Brandao banned from football for life. *Snort* Like that would ever happen. It doesn’t even appear to be possible. For incidents away from the pitch, the rules indicate if the hurt person is incapable of doing their job for an unbroken period of longer than 8 days, then a maximum ban of one year could be assessed. If the person is not incapacitated for those 8 days then the maximum ban is 8 matches. Additionally, a fine of €150 or €200 can be levied depending on injury severity. Since players continue with broken noses all the time, the maximum seems unlikely.

On the Bastia side of the equation, there is some speculation today the club wants to fire Brandao. New Bastia manager and former Real Madrid midfield engine Claude Makélélé is quoted as saying, “If my player started the fight, that’s not worthy of a professional and we will impose sanctions on him accordingly.” Ban, sanctions, and/or fines. I’ll take all three, Claude.

Poor Claude, he looked so happy when he joined Bastia in the spring for his first head coach position.

It is worth noting this headbutt was not the first injury Brandao doled out Saturday. Nope. Defender Gregory van der Wiel had to be substituted at half-time after sustaining a fracture of the second lumbar vertebra following a knee to the back from Brandao. Unbelievable.

And if this wasn’t enough, Ibra had to leave the game 15 minutes into the first half due to a muscle tear of the 12th rib. Brandao was not involved in this one, though understandable if you were thinking it.

One game, three PSG players downed. At least Cavani is as toned as ever; that’s a positive.


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