Super Copa Time! (And More)

19 Aug
Looking VERY good, Karim!

Looking VERY good, Karim!

The team is off to the Cuidad Real Madrid residences to chill out pre-match. 

Satellite (8)Considering that this is a home match, what the hell does Sergio need a suitcase for?! My guess is that it’s filled with hair gel, cologne, face cream and wide selection of manties.  A man’s gotta look his best on the pitch, yo! I’m nostalgic for the days when it would have been filled with SR4 headbands and the odd snood or two.

Cristiano had his challenging neon n’ studs backpack with him while Iker mursed it and Xabi went basic black and classic (no surprise there). Toni had a wheel-y backpack, much beloved by commuters with bad backs everywhere. Most of the guys opted for the club issued Good n’ Plenty coordinated backpack, much like it was the first day of school.

Dani was interviewed for the mothership and seemed really happy to chat.

Carvajal: “To win the Supercopa de España would mean an immaculate start to the season

“It’s a tough match. The two sides know each other well and that will have a large influence on the tactics”, said the Real Madrid defender.

Carvajal is approaching his second season with the first team and he is doing so with the intention of carrying on from where the side left off winning titles in the last campaign. Just over a week ago they won the European Supercup and now the Whites take on Atlético with the objective of bringing another trophy to the club. “To win the Supercopa de España would mean an immaculate start, winning the two titles we are fighting for, but it is a tough game against a great opponent who are going to make things difficult for us”, said the defender.

“The final in Lisbon is gone. It was an intense game with both sides having the chance to win the title. We will go into the match in a different way because it is a two-legged affair and not 90 minutes, where anything can happen. We know each other well and this will have a large influence on the tactics. The derby is something special. It’s difficult to describe, but it’s the way in which it brings families and groups of friends together and pulls them apart at the same time”.

Atlético’s strengths
“Atlético are a top side and even though they’ve lost some players, they’ve reinforced very well and have a top squad. Their fighting spirit stands out, and that saw them win the league. They came out at 200% each game, and this does a lot on the field of play”.

“Winning the European Cup with Real Madrid was something unforgettable.”

“I’m coming into the season really up for it. It’s a great campaign, where we can win five more titles. We all can’t wait to get going and we want to do something big”.

The importance of the fans
“I ask the fans to be as they have been until now and to support us in every game. We give our all in every game. The fans are excited after winning the Copa del Rey and the Champions League last season, and we will try to return this warmth”.

His best goal
“I’ve not scored a lot of goals, but each one I do score with Real Madrid is very special, and I remember it fondly. The first one with Real Madrid against Rayo Vallecano stands out”.

His heroes
Michel Salgado and Raúl. The first for the position that I play and the second for all that he means to Madrid and the fighting spirit that he has.

Rumors are flying thick and fast that Angel is very close to making his exit and Sami will be pulled from tonight’s line up due to an imminent deal with Bayern. The thought of both of them leaving makes me sick to my stomach. I hate the transfer window with every fiber of my being.

Speaking of,  a man who certainly “gets” it, Jerzy Dudek, recently spoke about the position that DLo found himself in before heading to Milan.

Stupid stinky transfer window! I’m still mourning from moves that happened years ago. I’m guessing I’ll be just about ready to cope with this year’s changes in about, oh, 2023.

BTW, here’s a video from Ancelotti’s Twitter chat yesterday. Having worked these things before, I’m sure that the questions were filtered to him. Otherwise, Flotsam and Jetsam wouldn’t be so calm in the video.

Look at him, all chill as fuck, with his little librarian glasses perched on his nose, tapping away at his Dell (honestly?!) with an espresso at his side  How could anyone be mean to him? Shame on them! He’s got a Dell, is that not punishment enough?

While scanning the interwebz today, I found this James Adidas commercial from July. Nice.

There’s a newer one out there somewhere but please enjoy this one in the meantime.

And let’s file this one under Eggs-isential Angst. Remember the rumored dragon kits? Well that shiz is about to hatch. Time to get your Khaleesi on.

eggs1Sigh. And here’s they are. I don’t know. I’m all for slimming black and white but I’m still not sold on the dragon. I’ll have to see what one looks like up close.

eggs2Just an hour and change now before the match kicks off. Getting excited! (Well, except about seeing Antoine Griezmann in an Atleti uniform, that’s gonna be painful).

Hala Madrid!

– Lozil


2 Responses to “Super Copa Time! (And More)”

  1. Cinnamon August 19, 2014 at 7:34 pm #

    did you see arbeloa just ignored iker during greetings/we?
    smh tbh

    • headbandsandheartbreak August 19, 2014 at 10:08 pm #

      Yeah, but why are you surprised by that? They haven’t gotten along for ages and they recently had a blow up. (I didn’t bother to post about it here because I don’t like to feed the ridiculous drama llama that RM fans seemed to have permanently adopted and I don’t want it crapping all over my blog). Iker didn’t make an attempt to greet him either (or even see him – they’re both consciously ignoring the other’s existence). I don’t see any reason for them to be fake about it. They don’t like each other and they don’t pretend to. Nor do they need to as long as the coach feels that they’re doing what they need to do for the team. I have colleagues that I don’t care for and you probably do too. I just avoid them so there’s no chance of conflict arising. If I absolutely have to deal with them I’m civil and polite but that’s it. I don’t go out of my way to spend time with them or interact. It’s simply on an as needed basis while we’re both working toward a common goal. So these two don’t really care for each other. ::shrugs:: It’s bound to happen in a large group of people especially in an environment where competition, ego and money are highlighted. At least they’re not punching each other out a la Mario & Yaya or Zlatan & Gooch. Our own team had a bit of that when Gago & Pedro Leon almost got into fisticuffs. Better to just ignore each other, IMHO. Less trouble for the team. YMMV, though. I’m just a realist.

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