What Do You Play For?

19 Aug

445394_heroaManchester United’s opening match this season was extra-special for 11 very lucky young fans. These fans, aged 10-13, were chosen from around the world to be the mascots for the team via Chevrolet’s ‘What Do You #PlayFor?’ campaign. Chevrolet created video bios for each of the mascots to show why they were selected for this incredible honour. I highly recommended watching them; very inspiring.

As an “ahhhh” bonus, the players wore jerseys with the names of the kids on the back when they walked onto the pitch. They then stripped off the jerseys and presented them as gifts. Incredibly cool move!

Per Tim Mahoney, Global Chevrolet’s chief marketing officer to Goal.com: “We brought 11 children from around the world to Manchester to let them experience first-hand how the power of play can create hope, optimism and possibilities not just inside Old Trafford, but back in their communities as well.”

Have I mentioned before that I love stories like this?


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