Interview with James

28 Aug

Sans-titre-680x366My apologies; I totally spaced on posting this earlier. FIFA interviewed James for its August 22 issue of FIFA Weekly. And it went a little something like this:


Two months have gone by since Brazil 2014 started. Has your achievement sunk in yet?
I had a great tournament and I was able to help Colombia make the quarter-finals. We wanted to go even further but we came up against Brazil. They’ve got some great players and our dream came to an end.

You scored no fewer than six goals. Which is your favourite and why?
I like all six. They were all important because they helped the team to win games. Every one of them was special because scoring goals in such a big competition is unique.

The users of voted your goal against Uruguay the Goal of the Tournament. How many times have you seen it since then? If you tried that move another 100 times how many do you think would go in?
I’ve seen it about 20 times. I always try it in training. You try 100 times and it goes in twice. This time it went in, and right in the corner too, although personally I prefer the one against Japan. It was classier and had a little more magic about it. It was a nice goal.

Did the absence of Radamel Falcao cause you to take on a more prominent role in the attack?
He scores a lot of goals and he’s very important for us. We really missed him. But I’ve always tried to score goals as well as create them.

At the end of that match against Brazil, David Luiz came up to console you and asked the fans in the stadium to give you a round of applause. What did that mean to you?
My dream was to make the semi-finals and even the final, and David Luiz just tried to lift my spirits. That’s what players and colleagues normally do, but it is something that I’ll never forget.

Did the way in which Brazil went out of the tournament against Germany give you cause to regret Colombia’s elimination even more?
No, that’s football. Every day is different. One day you do well and the next not so well. The only thing is, they lost heavily, which can happen sometimes.

Do you think Germany were deserving winners of the World Cup?
Germany are worthy champions, and they’ve got some great players. The four sides that got to the semis all deserved to be there.

You were only six when Colombia last played in the world finals, in 1998. Do you remember anything about that tournament?
I remember a little of France 1998. The whole team and the whole of Colombia were dreaming of reaching Brazil. We wanted to make history and we did that. It’s something that will be there forever.

Did you follow the tournament after Colombia were knocked out? And did you keep an eye on Thomas Müller and Lionel Messi, who were also in contention for the adidas Golden Boot?
I tried not to follow it so closely, but it was impossible because I wanted to win the Trophy. The Golden Boot is a dream come true.

Where are you thinking of putting your adidas Golden Boot?
It’s going home and that’s where it’s going to stay. It’s for life!


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