Coach Zizou in Question

1 Sep

zidane-castilla-entrenador--644x362Some trouble is brewing for Zizou. The Spanish Football Association (SFA) has received a complaint that Zidane is coaching Real Madrid’s Castilla without having the necessary coaching badges. The complaint was raised by Miguel Galán, the director of the Spanish National Football Coach Education Centre (CENAFE).

Galán’s argument is that Castilla head coach Santiago Sánchez is only so on paper: “This hierarchy only exists on paper. The truth is the exact opposite: Zidane is acting as Real Madrid Castilla’s head coach, while, with all due respect to him as a colleague, Mr Sánchez’s role basically boils down to providing the badges.”

Mmmmm. Curious. It was announced in the spring that Zidane would be managing Castilla, not taking on an assistant role. Is this is a situation of semantics, perhaps? Zidane does have his UEFA badge to operate as an assistant but not as a manager.

The SFA technical committee is going to monitor the situation for now, to determine if the complaint has merit. If it does, then it will go before the league’s Competition Judge.


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