Torres Presser and The Kids Make an Appearance

4 Sep


Nando completed his first AC Milan presser Tuesday and, well, it was a pretty pedestrian exercise. There were questions about fitting in with the team, working with new coach Inzaghi, wearing the No. 9, etc. There was, however, one moment of genius thanks to AC Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani in response to a rather silly question:

If Torres is a ‘blonde’ version of Kaká’? It seems more an aesthetic consideration. He is a great professional but technically he’s different from Ricky. The ladies will decide who is better looking.

Hahaha, love it! No doubt all the tween girls on tumblr ate this shit up and exploded out comparison photos in complete misunderstanding. The Blonde Kaká. I can’t even…

Me neither.

You can watch the full press conference here, but be warned watching is mostly all you may be able to do. The audio is horrible so unless you’ve got a kick-ass sound system it may not be a good use of your time. Unless you want to stare at Nando, then go to it. Luckily, the Rossoneri blog was very kind to transcribe the proceedings here and here.

Before the presser, the Torres PR machine was hard at work. First, pictures from their summer and more recent vacations magically surfaced. You can check some of them out here, here, here, and here. Next, it was time to introduce the kids to the Italian media and football:

It’s like a little red carpet thing going on. Except concrete. And gray. Nora and Leo could not have looked less interested.

A picture is worth a thousand eyes.

A picture is worth a thousand eyes.

Over in Manchester, Juan Mata consoled himself with the loss of his Blues boo by bromancing with teammate Ander Herrera in a new Adidas commercial:

Mmmm, appears Adidas used up all their money for Mesut’s commercial.


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