Club Receives Ban For Racism

5 Sep

19fc21ef730fa8ce30041f87b3b91bf06e8faeb0Brazil’s Superior Court of Sporting justice disciplinary committee has banned football club Grêmio from playing in the second leg of their Copa do Brasil tie vs Santos. The club must also pay a $22,300 fine. Why? During the second half of the first match last week, Grêmio fans started shouting abuse and making racist gestures towards Santos keeper Aranha.

JFC. Listen to the crowd whenever Aranha looks at or addresses them. That roar is intense; can’t even imagine how fucking overwhelming it must have been there. I was simultaneously outraged and heartbroken just watching the video.

The court also punished the referee and linesmen, and deservedly so. The referee was banned for 90 days and assessed a fine for not reporting the incident properly in his match report and for not taking any action during the game. According to the referee, he thought Aranha was time wasting as he couldn’t hear anything. The linesmen were banned for 60 days and assessed a fine.

622_b9eddaa1-3da0-397e-b462-b511492d0183Grêmio has been helping the court identify the fans involved in the incident. Those identified will be banned from attending any football matches in Brazil for 720 days. Some have been identified already, if you are so inclined to find them out. I am not.

Committee head Fabricio Dazzi had this to say about the ruling:

This is a landmark ruling.

I don’t think racial abuse incidents like that will happen again. The fans will think twice, knowing that their club can be punished for their acts.

I really want to believe bans like this will work. I really, really do. But if these fans aren’t thinking twice now, they aren’t going to in the future. But I will try and remain optimistic.


2 Responses to “Club Receives Ban For Racism”

  1. Christine September 6, 2014 at 9:45 am #

    Ughhh, i just don’t understand why folks don’t get it. Let’s hope this will motivate others to take action. I try to remain optimistic.


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