G-Money Returns, Halloweeny & Color Me Shocked! (NOT)

2 Nov
"Oh shiz! Gareth is back. What are you going to do with James?!"

“Oh shiz! Gareth is back. How are you going to break it to James?!”

It’s been quite a weekend! We handily won our match and now sit atop the table. Huzzah!  And Gareth rejoined the group today, which is great news. The 6 outfield players who didn’t start worked out with Gareth while Marcelo & Cris trained on their own. We have a Champions League match against Liverpool on Tuesday.

I didn’t get a chance to put up the Halloween pictures earlier this weekend so here’s a few of those along with some other shots of our adorable families.

Henrique, Vitoria, Andreia & Fabio Coentrao

James Rodriguez, Daniela Ospina & Salome (who had multiple costumes!)

As always, Enzo gets pride of place…

10731559_881877478511806_624134829_nOh and there’s a rumor that this is a picture of the never seen Jese Jr. He definitely looks like Jese. It’s just a rumor now,  no proof that I’ve found. Total cutie pie though.

10735014_1565370150345980_298370847_nAnd here’s a few more shots, click on the photos to see captions.

Little vampire Romeo Albiol Roig is just killing it in that picture and his sisters’ costumes rock. Jontxu looks to be keeping up his reign of terror. Good luck containing him, Munich! (I miss his whole family!)

Another little family I miss is Calleti, Marta, Paula & India. The baby is getting so big! The first picture is Marta as a baby. India looks just like her mami!

Calleti, Pipita and Morata all scored this weekend! Pipita’s goal was especially bootylicious. Watishista/Napoli fan extraordinare Maria Rosaria sent me this shot of Pipa in action.

B1Xyx2HCcAAinFYLordy, do I ever miss that badonk and those thunder thighs, but I’m glad all of them are doing so well.

The biggest news this weekend was that American soccer bigwig Chuck Blazer (former USSF, CONCACAF, FIFA) in addition to committing massive fraud, was an informant for law enforcement. WAIT A MINUTE! YOU SAY CHUCK BLAZER WAS CORRUPT AND A SNITCH?! I AM SHOCKED! SHOCKED, I TELL YOU! ::rolls eyes::

Read the Daily News expose and see the utter insanity of what these douchebags have been getting away with for years.  SB Nation made light of some of the more mind-blowing things that were unearthed.

Will these new revelations finally bring about change? One can only hope.

– Lozil

One Response to “G-Money Returns, Halloweeny & Color Me Shocked! (NOT)”

  1. M November 3, 2014 at 12:11 pm #

    Pict posts are my all time fav kinda posts. I sadly don’t have the time to be on social media following all our former and current loves, so this collection just hits the perfect spot for me. Would it be possible to request more of them please?

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