Jesé Returns Against Cornellà, Presser & It’s Audi Time!

1 Dec
Jump for my(gypsyspirit's) love

Jump for my(gypsyspirit’s) love

Much went down today and it will be in two separate posts. First up, the team finished the final training before they face Cornellà in the Copa Del Rey tomorrow. The big news is that the Mister confirmed that Jesé will play tomorrow.

Several players are getting a rest tomorrow which means some minutes for others, something I’m always happy to see.

The following players were called up:

Goalkeepers: Keylor Navas and Pacheco.
Defenders: Varane, Coentrão, Carvajal, Nacho, Arbeloa, D. Llorente and Noblejas.
Midfielders: James, Illarra, Isco, Khedira, Javi Muñoz and Medrán.
Forwards: Jesé and Chicharito.

Carlo’s Presser


Ancelotti: “The team is in good shape and we have a very competitive squad”

“Medrán is going to play against Cornellá and Jesé will feature in the second half”, added the manager.

Carlo Ancelotti spoke in the Ciudad Real Madrid press room on the eve of the Copa del Rey Round of 32 second leg clash against Cornellá. The Italian coach, who revealed that “Medrán, Khedira and Illarra will start the game”, analysed Tuesday’s match in the Santiago Bernabéu: “Real Madrid supporters are not interested in which players play but in how the team does. We have a very competitive squad and tomorrow we will try to demonstrate that and win in front of our fans”

“We are going to make changes. Not because the team is tired; they look fine to me and don’t have any problems. We played well in Malaga both physically and technically. The players who have featured less need to get a run out. Pepe, Ramos, Marcelo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema and Kroos will be rested. Medrán, Khedira, who is in good shape, and Illarra will start the game.”

Jesé and his debut
“Jesé will not be in the starting XI, but he is part of the squad and will play the second half or at least a good part of it. It is great for us and is a welcome bit of news. He is a quality player and we are delighted that he can play.”

Praise for youth academy player Medrán
“He is a complete midfielder, who can play in every position. He is a quality player with a lot of stamina… he’s a player who likes to play box to box. He is more similar to Modric than to Kroos.”

“The team have improved defensively and in terms of their concentration.”

“Everyone is working very well in defence. Pepe and Ramos play there most often but Varane has done well whenever he’s played. Marcelo is in fantastic form, as are Arbeloa and Carvajal. After the defeats, the team improved massively in defence and in terms of their concentration levels.”

Ronaldo’s rivals for the Ballon d’Or
“He could be up against a German player. Apart from Kroos and Khedira, Neuer has also had a fantastic season, but I’m not interested in that. Everyone has forgotten about Sergio Ramos, who scored against Bayern in the semi-final second leg as well as in the final. I apologise to Ramos for having forgotten about him as well.”

Violence in football
“It happened in the past in Italy. It is a sad day for everyone involved with football. We all hope that these kinds of things never happen, but unfortunately it has on this occasion. It is important to condemn this and violence in football. Footballers and people involved with the game have to work in order to prevent this kind of thing happening again in the future. They have done a lot of good work in England to rid the game of this scourge. With tough rules they have stamped it out. Football as a whole has to do something to stamp out this plague.”

“Real Madrid has worked hard to do this. Every club can do something and there is a lot of great work being done at the moment in many countries to prevent these things from happening. In England there is no violence nor is there a police presence before games. The supporters don’t fight each other and there are children in the stadiums. I was never insulted in England but was within 15 days of being here. It is a question of education and culture. We are Latino and could improve a lot with this things.”

Insults in stadiums
“We hear harsh words from time to time, but the best thing to do is not listen. There are a lot of fans who are going to say bad things and reacting to them means giving them more importance. We have to condemn every kind of violence. Insults, bottles being thrown… violence as a whole.”

“Between us we have to do something to stop it. We are not happy today because this is our world and our world needs to be cleaned up. We have to do something in order to clean it up and every individual should do something to that end.”

Marco Asensio
“He is a good player. We are interested in him and are trying to sign him for next summer, not in January.”

Today was the annual gifting of Audis to multi-millionaires who already have multiple cars. As they do. But it’s always a fun occasion. Remember when The Baby was brand new and didn’t yet have his driver’s license his first year and he had to have a chauffeur? His teammates certainly enjoyed that, as did I.

But before getting the cars, they had to jump through a few promotional hoops. Audi was pushing their new e-tron hybrid plug in technology so they put the boys through their paces.

Divided into two groups captained by Casillas and Ramos, the players completed three challenges to generate energy and recharge with the electric A3 Sportback e-tron on stage. One of the tests was the e-tron bike, where they had to pedal through a relay race on two stationary bicycles. The second was the e-tron Batak challenge, a reflex and coordination test. And the last, the e-tron ball challenge, saw them having to kick up a ball without letting it hit the floor.

After that concluded, they got the chance to test-drive the new Audi A3 Sportback e-tron which always seems to be their favorite part of these things, even more than the free car. Gotta wonder what’s going on with Jese’s creepy middle aged math teacher comb over though.

There were also a few comments on the website from Cris and Toni.

Ronaldo: “The team is confident and we want to keep going like this”

“I’m very happy at Real Madrid and everything is going perfectly”, explained Kroos.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Toni Kroos spoke about Real Madrid’s current on-field fortunes after beating the club record for consecutive victories. During an event with Audi, the Portuguese forward said: “The team is confident and we want to keep going like this. It’s the best dressing room that I’ve been in in recent years.”

“We hear people saying that this is the best Real Madrid side in recent years, but that’s something we’ll only know if we win something important. Right now we’re in very good shape, because we are on a run of 16 consecutive wins.”

Praise for the team
“Real Madrid is like a second family. We work together every day. I’m very happy and my team-mates are feeling great. The coaching staff are also a very important part of that dressing room.”

Kroos: “I feel happy at Real Madrid”
“I’m very happy at the club. Right now the most important challenge is the language, because I have a six-year contract and I will do everything I can to adapt and learn it. On the pitch, I’m delighted and everything is going perfectly.

Onward to the next post…

– Lozil

2 Responses to “Jesé Returns Against Cornellà, Presser & It’s Audi Time!”

  1. mygypsyspirit December 2, 2014 at 12:47 am #

    I love that you know me so well 🙂 That caption on the first photo is perfect. And now I have the Pointer Sisters stuck in my head. I’m picturing Arbeloa dancing around to it like Hugh Grant in Love Actually. It’s such a gloriously awful mental picture.

    And I also want to say “Do Lamborghini’s even have cup holders?”

  2. Katie Ann December 2, 2014 at 6:10 pm #

    There’s always so much goofiness captured in pictures on Audi Day. I love it.

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