Recovery Sunday & Twitter Hangout

7 Dec

Satellite (10)No rest for the Blancos. Iker, Pacheco, The Baby, Arbie, Fabio, Isco, Jesé and Chicharito had a recovery session at Valdebebas today.

Dani Carvajal did a Twitter chat with fans.

Carvajal hangs out with fans on Twitter

“Winning the Club World Cup would be a great way to close the season”, he said.

Real Madrid supporters got to enjoy hanging out with Carvajal on Twitter. The Whites’ player answered the questions put to him by fans via the club’s official @realmadrid account. The full back spoke about the Club World Cup: “Being able to win this new title is a huge motivation for me. It would be really special, as it is not easy to win. It would be a great way to close the season.”

“The group is fully aware of the importance of lifting this title and we are keen to keep winning. Being able to take part is a dream for me because of how hard it is to qualify and I’ll try to enjoy it as much as possible.”

Ramos’s goal in Lisbon
“It is inexplicable because of all the thoughts that go through your head. I had the urge to shout and hug my team-mates. Winning the highly sought-after Tenth has been the greatest moment for us and everyone involved with Real Madrid until now.”

The Madrid feeling
“I have goose bumps each time I enter the Bernabéu wearing this shirt and stand in front of the Madrid supporters. It is my second home and my life revolves around Real Madrid.”

Next up is a Champions League match against Ludogorets on Tuesday.

– Lozil

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