Updated: Arrival In Almeria

12 Dec

SatelliteThe team arrived in Almeria after a short flight and were greeted by over 300 fans. There were even more waiting for them at the Hotel Elba Almería.

Cristiano & Fabio were chosen for the Meet & Greet today, which I am sure thrilled the hell out of all the kids who were waiting.
Satellite (15)

And check this kid out! Is he a future Iker or what?! Look at that tiny plaid shirt!
Satellite (7)Adorbs!


Real Madrid Starting Line Up

1 Casillas;
2 Varane;
3 Pepe;
7 Cristiano Ronaldo;
8 Kroos;
9 Benzema;
11 Bale;
12 Marcelo;
15 Carvajal
23 Isco;
24 Illarra.

13 Keylor Navas;
5 Coentrão;
14 Chicharito;
17 Arbeloa;
18 Nacho;
20 Jesé;
26 Medrán.
– Lozil

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