PSG Save the World (Sort of)

22 Dec

PSG-BDJust when you thought the narrative of football saving the world from aliens had been beaten to death, along comes PSG with a comic book series to take the story to another level.

“While the Paris St. Germain team dominates European football, the unthinkable happens. An alien civilization invades Earth and offers in exchange for salvation, a match between PSG and a team from another galaxy. If Zlatan and his teammates win the game, the Earth will be spared… Otherwise, our planet will be destroyed. Will the PSG team be able to live up to the greatest challenge in football history?”

There are two series currently available, PSG Academy and PSG Heroes. Both are aimed at inspiring children to pursue their football dreams.

I know nothing about comics except the occasional Archie and Jughead adventure in my youth but I’ve been told there is a good pedigree behind this venture. Philippe Briones designed the series in collaboration with Marvel comics, and Briones’ previous work includes X-Men and Spider-Man comics as well as a few Disney movies. Which is good, yes?

Regardless, if there is any possibility of (a) PSG dominating European football and (b) salvation coming in the form of a football game, I’m with Kevin Brown: “I would feel very secure in knowing that Zlatan Ibrahimovic — himself an alien — was captaining the squad tasked with saving our asses. Less inspiring, though, is the idea of David Luiz being on our last line of defense.”


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