Poppin’ Bottles With The ‘Peez

23 Dec

Satellite (4)Ah, the first of the Christmas videos/pictures has arrived. It’s the traditional “captains & coaches with FloPeezy” shoot. What a year it’s been! Get out the champagne, gentlemen, you’ve earned it!


Florentino Pérez: “2014 has been a very special year for every madridista”
by Javier Garcia

The president, Ancelotti, Laso, Casillas, Ramos, Reyes and Llull took the chance to wish the whole Real Madrid family a Merry Christmas.

Christmas 2014 will be an unforgettable one for Real Madrid and its fans. With the successes achieved this year still fresh in the memory, the football and basketball teams pause to celebrate the festive period with their families. Before doing so, Florentino Pérez and the coaches and captains of both squads took the opportunity to come together and send their season’s greetings to every madridista. It was also an opportunity to take stock of the year coming to a close, and to wish for an ever better 2015.

Florentino Pérez: “Everyone is talking now about La Undécima”
“This festive period will be celebrated in traditionally, with the family, with my children, my grandchildren, my siblings, my nephews and nieces… as has been the custom throughout all these years. 2014 has been a very special year for every madridista. The year has been marked by two exceptional events.”

“Firstly, the farewell to our honorary president, Alfredo Di Stéfano. His has been a loss of huge significance, because we’re not only talking about the best player this club has ever had, but also one that changed the history of Real Madrid and of football. He’ll live on forever in the memory of madridistas for what he represented, because he showed us the way forward. And he will continue to do so.”

“The last match that our honorary president watched is the other major event of the year: the club’s tenth European Cup. For madridistas, it represented the satisfaction of achieving something highly coveted for so many years. Just by seeing the way it was celebrated across the world, we get an idea of what it meant. But at Real Madrid there is no time to rest on your laurels and everyone is now talking about winning La Undécima, which we are working to do.”

Ancelotti: “It has been a fantastic year, the start of a cycle”
“As always at Christmas, these are days of calm and tranquillity. It’s a time when we like to be alongside our families and loved ones. It has been a fantastic year. With a great amount of effort and hard work, we achieved something very important. That brings us huge desire ahead of 2015. In 2014, a cycle began that could be important for the future of Real Madrid.”

“I was happy after winning La Décima, because we did it with hard work from everyone and it was an extraordinary source of motivation for the madridista world. We won the most important competition, which everyone had been dreaming of. I would give the team a very high mark out of ten because we achieved the ultimate. I would say to the madridistas that they have to get behind us with all the love and support that this team deserves.”

Casillas: “I hope madridistas enjoy the festive season”
“Christmas is different this year, we’re looking forward to it even more. For my family, a very important person has come into the world. We’ll celebrate it with him at the centre. We want to enjoy the period and spend as much time as possible with the little one, so that it’s all the more special and exciting.”


“It has been an unforgettable year. We’ve won trophies and we’ve made people happy. Here’s hoping that in 2015 we can enjoy as many successes as in 2014. I hope madridistas enjoy the festive season after an unforgettavble year. It has been the year of La Décima and we’ll be back with the same desire in 2015. The aim is to retain the Champions League. We know that noone has done that before, but that’s our plan: to defend the trophy in Berlin and win La Undécima.”

Ramos: “We want to celebrate more silverware with the supporters”
“At Christmas we’ve now got a war of the little ones between my brother’s and mine, who are starting to run about. It’s a key time in the calendar to spend with family and friends. It’s good to switch off and take a breather in my home region. 2014 has been a fantastic year. Not only because of the trophies, but the way they were won. Ancelotti has got every player playing to a high level.”

“The team has recovered the spot that it had lost. That respect that everyone had for Real Madrid is there at every ground. La Décima was a unique moment. It’s a source of pride to have gone down in Madrid’s history with a goal that came when there was very little time left. Bringing that source of joy to madridistas is one of the best moments in my life. If we continue in this vein, the team is a contender to have a great year.”

Laso: “The supporters should feel proud to belong to Real Madrid”
“This period isn’t easy, because the League doesn’t stop. We try to switch off on our days off, to be with our families and enjoy it to the full. I wish madridistas an enjoyable festive season. In football and in basketball, we’re enjoying great seasons. They should feel proud to belong to Real Madrid. I hope they continue to place their faith in us and support us, because it’s a huge source of motivation.”

“My main memory is the great season that we’ve had in terms of play and our connection with the fans. The way that the people have supported us and the way we have got back the atmosphere in the Palacio. We have to carry on being competitive every day, something which is demanded of us at this club. Playing at home is an added source of motivation to raise our game and try to win it.”

Felipe Reyes: “This year we put on some really fun basketball”
“I spend Christmas with my family. We’re four siblings and we all get together with my mother. We’re always really up for meeting up and spending this special period together. It has been a really good year; we won two trophies and we put on some really fun basketball. A lot of people became bigger basketball fans by watching us. My main memory is the excitement that we generated among fans.”

“Having played two Eurloeague finals, we’re really up for it this season. It would be really special to play in front of our supporters, but there’s a lot of work ahead. The Euroleague is a very difficult competition. We have a very good team and if we do things right we have a chance of making it.”

Llull: “Our aim is to play the Final Four again”
“It’s a very special time of the year, because we have a few days off and I make the most of it to be in Menorca with family and friends. This year has been a good one, if a little bittersweet. The team played very well and beat a lot of records. We won the Super Cup and the Copa, but we lost the Final Four and the League. On the whole, it has been a good year. People were hooked by the basketball and the fans had fun watching us play.”

“Playing the Final Four for a third consecutive year is the aim. We’re really up for it because it’s being played on our home court, but we know that there’s a difficult road ahead. There are some very good teams, but we’re going to give everything we have to get there and win it.”

– Lozil

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