Match Recap: FIFA Club World Cup Final – Real Madrid Vs. San Lorenzo

25 Dec

Hasta el final Vamos RealI love a good opportunity to collect something shiny. Here we found ourselves looking for something else to add to our trophy case. San Lorenzo sure had something to say about it but we like to dominate. Even if it means giving me a heart attack along the way.

It wasn’t necessarily our boys giving me a heart attack. It was San Lorenzo. But we’ll get into that later.

The pre-match social media was a lot of “vamos equipo” from our usual suspects. Marcus Slaughter, one of my favorites in case you couldn’t tell, knew we’d be lifting the trophy in the end.

Karim posted this before the match. I have no idea what he’s saying, to be honest.

Sergio Llull showed his support with his Isco jersey. Llull is also number 23.

Starting Lineups:

Real Madrid: Iker Casillas; Dani Carvajal, Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo; Isco, Toni Kroos; Gareth Bale, James Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo; Karim Benzema.

Real Madrid v San Lorenzo - FIFA Club World Cup  FinalSan Lorenzo: Sebastian Torrico; Julio Buffarini, Mario Yepes, Walter Kannemann, Emmanuel Mas; Juan Mercier, Nestor Ortigoza, Enzo Kalinski; Pablo Barrientos, Gonzalo Verón, Martin Cauteruccio.

San Lorenzo startersSan Lorenzo got the game kicked off and pretty much immediately lost possession. There was a great chance for Benz in the early moments. The move started with Toni absolutely robbing San Lorenzo of the ball near the top of the area but as Cris played the ball across, Benz tripped up and couldn’t get a foot on it.

Hierro’s reactions on the bench are so fabulous. He’s so fun.

In the 3rd minute, Toni was fouled a bit late and he got very upset about. I was a bit surprised as it really wasn’t a hard foul. It wasn’t something I’d usually expect anyone to get exceptionally upset over.

In the 7th minute, The Pony attempted to find War Kitten at the far post but Benz couldn’t control it. We were on the attack! But San Lorenzo were playing dirty from the start. They are an extremely rough team and all I could think was “The Pope supports this team?!”

They tried to get forward in the 9th minute but Pepe was there to get Veron off the ball. And in the 12th minute, Ortigoza earned a yellow card for kneeing The Ramos.

Bale was literally wrestled to the ground in the 14th minute, and we should have had a penalty. But the ref’s attitude toward everything (like rules of the game) was a bit laissez faire.

But hey, we earned a freekick in the 17th minute when Bale was NFL blocked off the ball. The freekick, taken by Cris, bounced off the wall and out for a corner. Kroos was mid-stride to take the kick and the ref blew the whistle. This ref had me fist clenching badly.

Bale was fouled from behind in the 21st minute. Kroos stood over it, while Barrientos stood directly in front of him so we couldn’t take a quick kick. Dirty, dirty, dirty. But also a smart tactic, in a way.

In the 22nd minute, Marcus Slaughter proclaimed his love for Pepe and The Pony after the latter earned a yellow card.

In the 25th minute, Cauteruccio got all Ramos while going for a header. Well, Ramos went for the header anyway. Shortly after, Pepe did one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while in a professional match.

He knew he wasn’t supposed to but he’d flubbed the throw-in and, honestly, did what he had to in order to keep Cauteruccio from taking the ball. In case you don’t know (though, I do assume anyone reading this does know), the ball has to touch another player before the person taking the throw can touch it again. I used to bounce it off the back of an opposing player when I didn’t have an open teammate. It did come back to bite me in the ass once in a while.

In the 36th minute, we had another great chance when Benz sprinted forward with Bale whose shot was directly at the keeper. For as fast, and as skilled, as Bale is something that bothers me is his tendency to shoot directly at the keeper.

I got over it quickly, as Sergio scored with his beautiful head on the corner earned from that Bale shot! Let’s insure that thing! How much is la cabeza de Ramos worth?! To me, it’s priceless.

Sergio’s amalgam of goal celebrations kills me. I like to think that I see tributes to Raul, Pirata, and Kaka.

And Marcus Slaughter showed his love again.

Isco took the ball into the corner around the 40th minute, and the whistle was blown at about the time Carvajal came charging in. He gave Barrientos a bit of the San Lorenzo medicine and got what looked like an elbow to the face in the process. It wasn’t becoming of either player and Bale had to force Dani from the ensuing argument.

Marcelo had to be subbed in the 43rd minute. He made a pass to James then grabbed at his hamstring. At about the same time as he dropped to the floor, so did James. Ortigoza, once again, was the culprit with a body check on our Juggy Colombian.  And it was Coentrao that came in for Marcelo, who was very upset about being injured.

I love the love our team gives each other.

The ref added two minutes of extra time and in the 45th minute, Cris took a shot that was blocked by the defender’s arm. It probably should have been a call but no whistle came. When the whistle did come, it was for the end of the half.

 Second Half:

Look at them work the tunnel! We really need a Real Madrid squad fashion show. I’d like everyone to model either Crispy’s or Juggy James’ underwear lines please!

We were up 1-0 and no one had been red carded, yet. I swore it was coming. I just hoped it wasn’t Dani (he’d been the most petulant for us to that point).

It was our turn to kick off and, after James tried to push us forward, San Lorenzo broke toward our defensive end. Cauteruccio earned a corner when his attempted cross bounced off Dani. San Lorenzo earned another off that one, but again it was put wide.

Beautiful Bale brought us to 2-0 in the 51st minute after Isco put a great through pass directly into his stride. The San Lorenzo keeper just couldn’t get to it and it was right between his legs.

Bit of a soft shot, but who am I to complain?

In the 55th minute, Buffarini earned a yellow card for tripping up our lovely, speedy Heart-Celebration Bale.

The first substitute of the game was San Lorenzo’s as Cetto came in for Yepes. And in the 65th minute, Iker brought out his cat impression as he got low for a Barrientos shot.

The next San Lorenzo substitute was in the 69th minute as Cauteruccio was replaced by Matos.

In the 72nd minute, Bale scooped the ball in toward Karim’s head but Cetto had a strong hold on the War Kitten’s shirt and managed to keep him from scoring. He also managed to not get called for it, even though it ripped open Benz’s shirt.

"I'm too sexy for my shirt..."

“I’m too sexy for my shirt…”

Ancelotti waited until Wenger Time to make the first sub for our Blancos. In the 74th minute, Carvajal made way for Arbeloa. Perhaps to rein in his attitude. We all saw that Playstation controller!

San Lorenzo continued kicking at us and the ref continued not doing anything about it. I was still shaking my head (and maybe scaring family as I yelled at my screen).

Kanneman finally earned a yellow card in the 86th minute after he grabbed Cris’ shorts. I get it, we all want a peek at those briefs (and that immortalized junk) but come on!

In the last few minutes of the match, San Lorenzo began making Iker work but in the end, for his 700th match with us, he kept the clean sheet. We won our 4th trophy of 2014! We are kings of the world!

Match Photos:

Gif Dump:

Just a whole lot of gifs. I apologize that they’re not in order!

I love this little moment between Keylor and Sergio. It gives me feels. I have a feeling Lozil might know why.

Ohhhh! Bale is probably crying in the corner over this one!

Post-Match Comments:

Ancelotti post matchAncelotti:

“We’re really happy with this trophy and we hope 2015 is the same”, added the Italian coach.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti was delighted with his side’s Club World Cup win: “We’re really happy with this trophy. 2014 has been a fantastic and unforgettable year and we hope 2015 is the same. I’m very happy to have arrived at this club and won the Champions League in the first year, and now the Club World Cup; it’s really special.”

“The final was difficult, particularly in the first half. The key to it all is that the players have really taken on board that we need balance at the back and up front.”

Cristiano Ronaldo
“He has contributed a lot to us getting to where we are. He has scored a lot of goals and he is a team player. He’s our best player.”

“We’re a fantastic team, but it’s impossible to compare this team to others in history. We’re happy to have made history, but we want to keep going.”

Real Madrid-mania
“It was a nice surprise because we really have felt like it’s a home from home. It wasn’t the Bernabéu, but this stadium has given us a lot of support and helped us to do everything we can to win.”

Taking stock of the year
“I take away with me the memory of the whole year. The key was the first final that we played and won against Barcelona in the Copa del Rey. That gave us a lot of confidence. If we repeat this year it’d be really great. We have the chance to compete in all competitions. We have ended the year on a high and we have to feel confidence and optimism ahead of the year to come.”

Ramos post matchRamos:

“It tops off a tremendous year. We’ve won four trophies, so we see out 2014 in the best possible way”, added Arbeloa.

Sergio Ramos, who scored the first goal and scooped the Club World Cup Golden Ball, analysed Real Madrid’s victory at the end of the match: “It’s a very special day for the club and its fans, and it’s the result of hard work. On a personal level I’m really happy, the year couldn’t have been better and I also chipped in with goals. As vice-captain I want to congratulate my team-mates for the great year we’ve had.”

“It goes without saying that if you can help out in the semi-final and the final, you feel privileged to do so. At the end of the day, success is about the work you do as a group. This team was clear about its aim from the first game. I didn’t want to miss it. There was a little tear but I hope it doesn’t go any further.”

Best year of his career
“Without a doubt. I won La Décima, which I had been fighting for for so many years. Thanks to that we were here competing for this trophy. My target is to do my job well in defence, and to contribute goals is fantastic.”

Scoring rate
“It’s hard to explain it, but I have some passers in my team who are unique and make my job easy. I have always been a player who has liked scoring goals and players who are worth good money are worth that because of their goals. I’m at the team I want to be at and I’ve won every trophy possible. I can’t ask for any more from life.”


“It tops off a tremendous year”
“We’ve won four trophies, so we see out 2014 in the best possible way. It tops off a tremendous year. We’ve done really well, we’re a team that looks ahead and we’re looking forward to 2015.”

“The secret is always hard work. To be the best in the world, win 22 games in a row and achieve everything we have, the secret is to stick together, work hard and have a coach like the one we have.”

“Sergio Ramos is in spectacular form. I’m happy for him, he deserves it. Scoring in semi-finals and finals is an excellent habit that we hope he keeps up.”

700 appearances for Casillas
“It’s incredible. He’s well on the way to overtaking everyone else and becoming the Madrid player with the most appearances. I congratulate him and I hope he plays many more games.”


“We’re beating records”
“I’m happy. I came here to win trophies and that’s what I’m doing. We wanted to win the Club World Cup, it’s historic. We’re beating records and we hope to continue doing so because the sky’s the limit for this team.”

“I hope that the fans are happy. I was fine physically. I’ve really been looking after myself over these 13 days and that came through. I hope I can stay here and represent this club for many years.”

Social Media Corner:

There was lots of social media going on, and the mothership has a whole lot of celebration photos that I’m slowly gathering (between travel and another personal project). Besides, it gives you all something to look at over the break!

Sergio Llull and Marcus Slaughter tweeted their congratulations. Yes, Marcus, I’m singing right along with Freddie!

I love that Karim graced us with not one, not two, but THREE tweets:

Arbeloa spoke the truth:

Cristiano’s “people” put forth the usual style of post-success tweet:

It’s been a very special year indeed for Toni! He’s the first player to ever win back-to-back Club World Cup trophies and joins a short list of players to win the World Cup and Club World Cup in the same year:

Pepe tweeted “A united team in the Club World Cup conquest. Hala Madrid!”:

While Coentrao said “Triumph in Marrakesh in the Club World Cup conquest”:

Keylor proudly posted this shot of himself with the trophy:

View this post on Instagram

Pura vida !!! Hala Madrid !!! Bendiciones !!!

A post shared by Keylor Navas Gamboa (@keylornavas1) on

Isco said “What a great way to end the year. World Champions. proud to be part of this great family! Hala Madrid”:

James posted this shot of his gorgeous lips on the trophy:

And followed it up the next day with this Instagram pic with his adorable daughter:

View this post on Instagram

Solo alegría y felicidad a tu lado, Feliz domingo.

A post shared by James Rodríguez (@jamesrodriguez10) on

Paul Clement gave us a shot of him and Ancelotti and a shot of his medal:

He also posted this great commemoration of his (and our) memorable year:

PHEW! Enjoy your holidays if you celebrate them and if you don’t, have a wonderful week! Enjoy the stress free environment of a week and a half without our boys giving us a heart attack!

¡Hala Madrid!

(images and gifs from GF Sports, the-vip-football-collection, football-hqs, and


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  1. Mandy December 26, 2014 at 4:42 pm #

    Yeay! My French Minor is finally coming in useful! What Karim said “Retrouvez-moi en Live ce soir pour la finale” translates “Find Me/Meet me live tonight for the final”.
    And it is not live as in “to live” but to “to be live”.

    • mygypsyspirit December 26, 2014 at 11:59 pm #

      Thank you! My French basically consists of “bonjour” and “merci”

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