Real Madrid In Dubai, Part I

29 Dec

Satellite (9)Dang, the boys are sure making the most of their time in Dubai. I hope they’re not too tired to play tomorrow because it seems like they’ve been going non-stop since they arrived.

First up, training. The boys got down to business at the Nad Al Sheba Sports Complex

Visiting them at training was former Blanco Michel Salgado, who now heads up the Dubai Sports City Football Academy.He had a few comments about the team.

Míchel Salgado: “I see a team that is prepared to win back-to-back Champions League titles”
by Javier Garcia (Dubai) | Photographer: Helios de la Rubia

The former Whites player was present at Real Madrid’s training session in Dubai.

Míchel Salgado was present during Real Madrid’s training session in the Nad Al Sheba Sports Complex in Dubai. The defender, who spent ten seasons with the club and won, among other things, two European Cups and four La Liga titles, greeted the players and the technical staff before the session. “I see a team that can win everything this year. Winning titles calms the nerves”, he pointed out.

“We hope the team can manage with the physical and mental pace. This is a side that can compete mentally any day of the week. They are prepared to win everything and make history, which would be the case should they win back-to-back Champions Leagues.”

The long awaited Décima
“That was the title we were all waiting for, that long awaited Décima which came after so much suffering. I remember we were having a dinner with Roberto Carlos and when Ramos scored we all leapt from our seats. The suffering was worth it in the end. The Décima has really relaxed the club. This team is still being built; it possesses incredible quality and is still so young. This team has five or six years ahead of it.”

“More Real Madrid fans are enjoying the team play all the time. It has been a great year and the passion for Real Madrid is growing all the time in the United Arab Emirates”, concluded the ex-player.

He also shared some pictures on his Twitter account.



Ancelotti: “The game against Milan will be a great spectacle”     
by Javier Garcia (Dubai)

“The two teams with the most amount of European Cup titles face each other and that is great for motivation”, said the coach.

Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the press in the Emirates Head Quarters ahead of Tuesday’s game against Milan. The coach, who is taking on his former team, assessed the upcoming encounter: “It is a warm-up game, both teams will be treating as such, but it will also be a great spectacle of football. The two teams with the most amount of European Cup titles face each other. It is good to be part of this event.”

“It is going to be a very special match for me. I have a lot of history with Milan and I also have a great relationship with the Milan manager, who was one of my players. It will be a special day for me. It is an honour to play against them because I have very fond memories of the club.”

The fans in Dubai
“Real Madrid has a very strong image and it is a pleasure to be in Dubai. We want to treat our supporters to a win. Playing here is great motivation. Additionally, this game will also be good preparation for the upcoming matches. We have a lot of fans here, there is a lot of excitement and love. It is great for us to come and play here and make our fans happy.”

Playing time for everyone
“All the players who have travelled are available. I’m not going to name the starting line-up but everyone will get a run out. Those left in Madrid are not available. This is a very important week in terms of preparation for the next game. We want to play well in this match in order to be prepared as best we can for the next one. We are fully focused on keeping this great run of form alive.”

“We are focused on keeping this great run of form alive.”

“We won’t be killing the players physically this week because it is not necessary. They need to rest up. We are going to play this game as best we can and will then prepare for our trip to Valencia. The team is up for this match because winning breathes winning. We are delighted to be enjoying this streak of results and we want to keep it up.”

The Champions League objective
“We are competitive, just like last year. We will try our best to win it, just like last year. No team has ever won the Champions League twice in a row but we will try to change that.”

Starting line-up
“It is always difficult to pick who will play, but we have very professional players and there aren’t any problems. We need all the players because there are a lot of competitions and we want to fight for all of them.”

The Italian national team?
“My goal is to stay at Real Madrid. I feel at home with this club and these players and I’d like to continue here in the future”.

Fernando Torres
“It will be exciting to face an Atlético side with Torres. I wish Fernando the best. I know him and have trained him. I like him as a player and as a person. He has returned home and that can be a great motivating factor in getting the best out of him.”

(Video In English)


Isco: “Wearing the world champions jersey for the first time is extremely exciting
by Javier Garcia (Dubai)

“January will be very tough and the game against Milan will help us prepare for it”, stated Carvajal.

Isco and Carvajal spoke to the press in Dubai on the eve of the game against Milan. The midfielder showed his optimism about the team’s current form: “We have a very difficult start to 2015, but we hope to carry our 2014 form and the run of consecutive victories with us. The team is prepared and we are confident enough to face a complicated month of January.”

“We’ve just arrived to Dubai. I didn’t know much about the city but we were given a great reception. There is no point talking about Milan. We are aware of their history and the titles they have won. It will be a great game, in a beautiful city and we expect to enjoy it as much as possible.”

“Wearing the world champions jersey for the first time is extremely exciting because of what it represents. It is a great prize, it was hard work achieving it and now we get to enjoy it.”

Satellite (41)Carvajal: “We are facing this game with great excitement”
“It is a game that suits us and we want to prepare for and face it with as much excitement as possible. We have a very tough January coming up and this will help us prepare for it. It will be a special match between the two teams with the most amount of European Cups between them.”

“Two great teams will be meeting on the pitch and we will be trying to enjoy the game.”

(Video with English Voiceover)


Big ol’ Isco photo via GFSports


– Lozil

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  1. jellyace December 29, 2014 at 10:55 pm #

    UFF! That last pic of Isco Cutie Pie made me swoon!
    Happy New Year to the Watishtas!

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