Real Madrid In Dubai, Part II

29 Dec

Satellite (23)So much going on! Fans in Dubai had Blanco mania. Everywhere the team went scores of them were waiting and cheering on the team.

The mothership provided some videos (with English subtitles) of both the flight and the fans. The team is staying at the Park Hyatt Dubai and did a special meet and greet with all the players for fans. Hopefully they will add more pictures later.

Satellite (43)Satellite (12)And then there were even more awards given to the team – seven to be exact!

The Globe Soccer Awards took place and we won the following: Club of the Year (Damn straight!), Best President (FloPeezy, who also gave a speech about Don Alfredo who was honored at the event), Best Player & Fan Favorite Player (Cristiano Ronaldo), Best Coach & Best Media Attraction (Carlo Ancelotti – not exactly sure what the second award means!) and Best Revelation of the Year (James Rodriguez – I think they mean ‘breakthrough”player of the year). Once again, a nice haul for Los Blancos and well deserved.


“Wonder if this will fit in my carry on?”

Here’s some behind the scenes video action with Cris being dorky. I always love that.

And there was also the grand opening of the Real Madrid Cafe Dubai. Located in the Jumeirah Beach residential complex, it’s the first Real Madrid Cafe outside of Spain. And they sure do know how to party. The players walked the red carpet surrounded by cheer supporters, greeted a group of fans inside and then had a tour followed by a huge gala event. Gifts were exchanged and Red One was there.

I have to say, I’m completely fascinated by this meet and greet photo. So many things going on and so many expressions. I’d probably be the “We’re number 1!” girl. I love The Baby, Gareth & Alvaro watching James sign the kid’s shirt. Karim is watching Cris, Cris is watching…I don’t know what. The Castilla boys look nervous. Toni & Keylor are trying to be proper. It’s a candid shot and I always find those so interesting.
Satellite (32)Anyhow, don’t stay up too late guys! You have a match tomorrow. I wonder if they invited the Rossoneri to the party? That would even the playing field.

– Lozil

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