Cena Pirata II

31 Dec

B6GpQFDIcAAB_OMThe luscious and always missed Esteban Granero held his second annual Cena Pirata dinner in San Sebastian  on December 29. 20 children from shelters in the province of Gipuzkoa were invited to attend. Last year’s event was a big hit and this year appears to be just as successful.

He was joined this time by former Blanco & current txuri urdin teammate Sergio Canales (aka Jailbait!) and La Real’s captain Xabi Prieto. How fantastic for the kids! Each attendee was given a bag of goodies including a Granero jersey and got to pose for an individual picture with the three players. The event was held at the San Sebastian Aquarium (scene of Pirata’s memorable scuba adventure).

The group dined among the sharks & 6 thousand fish of the Aquarium. Looks like they got a tour too. What an awesome night they must have had!

Kudos to Pirata, Jailbait! and Xabi Prieto for making some dreams come true.

– Lozil


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