Ningún Niño Sin Regalo Campaign, Baller “Fashion” & So Begins The Reign Of Jey M

5 Jan

Satellite (1)Tomorrow is Dia de los Reyes in Spain so Real Madrid Foundation kicked off their 6th annual Ningún niño sin regalo (No child without a gift) campaign. A worthy cause indeed. Over 1500 gifts will be given to children who are under the care of the Community of Madrid. 30 lucky kids were invited to take the Bernabeu tour and received gifts directly from Sergio, Jese & a clean shaven Isco.

I love the Karim Benzema style kid in the front with the hair cut and the finger signs in the orange “New Spirit” shirt. Future footballer! And I’m all worried about tiny woobins who is only clad in shorts on the left. Isn’t it cold in Madrid?! I’m such a worry wart. That said, I know some watishistas here who drive me absolutely insane because they always wear skirts without tights even when it’s snowing and I’m constantly nagging them about about catching cold. ::cough:: Shigs & Dr. P::cough:: (And no, wearing knee high boots is not the same thing, damn it!)  BUNDLE UP, PEOPLE! IF NOT FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH, THEN FOR MINE. THANKS.  Erm, moving on…

Also in attendance were  Enrique Sánchez  (Real Madrid Foundation), Emilio Butragueño, (aka Bond Villain and director of Institutional Relations, Real Madrid) and Jesús Fermosel (Regional secretary for social affairs, Community of Madrid).

There were speeches, because there are always speeches…

And gift giving, which is awesome.

But what we really, really need to talk about here is the fashion… “No Child Without A Gift”? More Like “No Baller Without Acid Wash Denim” or in Sergio’s case, “No Ramos Without A Dire Shirt” Oy. Let Us examine in detail…

SatelliteAt first look, the very bare faced (looks so odd after so long with a beard, doesn’t it?) Isco seems rather tame. I’m not fond of the butterscotch leather color, but that’s personal preference. The cut is classic and understated. You can’t see it really well in this pictures but the denim is all sorts of distressed (much like my reaction when I looked at what they were all wearing). Isco gets a pass, it ain’t horrible by any stretch of the imagination.

Sergio, well, he’s just bein’ Sergio which means that he needs to have a wildly patterned shirt buttoned right up to the tippy top. Tame for him, right? True, but the devil is in the details. Check out the spiffy leather piping on his blazer and if you look really closely, it appears the buttonholes on his jacket sleeves have electric blue thread. He just couldn’t resist. could he? No basic black blazer for the Ramos, oh no!

But Jese,excuse me, Jey M, takes the cake. First off, his hair looks like he was angling for a part in a remake of The Creep and then there is the requisition ‘baller gear: Members Only reminiscent jacket, graphic t-shirt (undoubtedly DSquared or they wouldn’t let him register with the AFE) and big ass Gucci belt buckle. But you really need to see the full body action because not only is he wearing bedazzled sneakers, I think this poor misguided child is actually wearing acid washed jeggings. He has some very shapely legs, for sure, but there’s no way that there isn’t some spandex in those jeans somewhere ’cause those thangs is tight.

You can see how Isco’s jeans look like they had a run in with a sander, bleach and some spackle. Did he get attacked by a Home Depot? Sigh. These boys. I’m gonna stare at Jese some more because…wow.

Satellite (4)

The important thing is that the kids had a great time and it sure looks like they did. That Jese dressed like every footballer cliche rolled into one is just a bonus.

And Jese has provided even more entertainment, bless him. He posted three new videos on his Instagram in the last week. Prepare to hear the word “Guauuuu!!!” a lot.

But it gets EVEN BETTER. Why, you may ask? Well, there’s a new Jey M video. And it’s a doozy. Here’s XRIZ ft. Jey M & Raymond Ray – Un Cuento de Hadas.

Come for the micro shorts, frosted hair and tank tops (and that’s just on one guy, people!) and stay for the Cupid in a fuchsia bikini. There’s a pool party, the personification of a Roman god in the body of an Ibiza club chick complete with bow and arrows essentially sniping from a roof top,  Jese in a fly car, and a club with beds. What more could we ask for?

(It must be noted that they’re like the only people in the club. You’re rollin’ up too early, gentlemen. You may want to go a little later. Just sayin’.) Sadly, there’s no billowing chiffon in da club which blows mine & watishista Katie Ann’s theory that Jese wanted to go in the Katia Aveiro direction, damn it! Maybe he’s working up to that? We can only hope.

I think Jey M needs to release a new video every month and continue going shopping with Guti, because that’s obviously what’s happening in his life right now.

I think I’m in love with 2015 already.

– Lozil

3 Responses to “Ningún Niño Sin Regalo Campaign, Baller “Fashion” & So Begins The Reign Of Jey M”

  1. Katie Ann January 7, 2015 at 11:09 pm #

    He had to check off a few things first: da car, da pool, da club… Even Jey M can’t get to the billowing chiffon level right off.

    That video is all kinds of something, though.

    • headbandsandheartbreak January 8, 2015 at 12:16 pm #

      You’re right, da chiffon isn’t for beginners. That’s like advanced video behavior. I look forward to this phase in his development. 😉

  2. Shan January 8, 2015 at 8:15 pm #

    well, I just found my new jam

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