Match Recap: Copa del Rey – Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid

11 Jan
"You need a Tic Tac"

“You need a Tic Tac”

I don’t normally enjoy facing Atleti. I dread it about as much as I dread facing Barcelona. The bright spot to my nervous twitch was the prospect of some epic bromancing in the form of Sernando. And they didn’t disappoint, did they? They got started during the warmup, though it looked a bit like Sergio was happier to see Nando than Nando was to see Sergio.

Although Fernando does have a bit of the verklempt look about him. Like “He loves me! He still loves me!” He’s in shock. Bless.

The rest of our boys warmed up dramatically. The slow-mo gifs remind me of an action movie trailer. Read the following captions in Honest Trailers voice:

After their 22 game winning streak was destroyed…

The best players in the world…

Have a chance to save their species.

Starring Jeremy Renner

The artist formerly known as “Isco”

And that guy that isn’t San Iker

Awesome. This team has officially driven me insane.

Starting Lineups:

Atleti startersAtletico Madrid: Jan Oblak; Jesus Gamez, Diego Godin, Jose Gimenez, Lucas; Mario Suarez, Gabi; Saúl, Raúl García, Antoine Griezmann; Fernando Torres

Club Atletico de Madrid v Real Madrid - Copa del Rey: Round of 16Real Madrid: Keylor Navas; Alvaro Arbeloa, Sergio Ramos, Raphael Varane, Marcelo; Sami Khedira, Toni Kroos; Gareth Bale, James Rodriguez, Isco; Karim Benzema

Pre matchI love the BB (Balezema?) handshake. So much awkward. And Keylor adjusting himself with the gloves on… Didn’t need to see that.

Now, we’d already met Atleti three times this season. Two of them ended in losses for us and the third was a 1-1 draw. We were all hoping to make this one a win.

The whistle blew to start the match and we pressed forward immediately. The Pony got his head to a James cross just 2 minutes in! Unfortunately, Oblak made the save. The match was very high paced from the start. Even Nando got a shot in, but he’d been offside. He looked rather spritely. But, to be fair, he’d begun shining at Milan.

In the 14th minute, Gareth put the ball in the net after a freekick from James. But it was disallowed because he was offside. UGH!

Then Atleti flew down to our goal, but Navas was able to deny Griezmann, thankfully for my poor nerves. As they set up for a corner Raul Garcia threw Sami to the ground and, to be honest, he got away with it. DO NOT take that to mean I think Sami is innocent in this. He put his head to Raul Garcia, which I don’t think is necessary. But then he was basically thrown to the ground by his neck. It was like watching Sergio and Puyol all over again. And by “got away with it” I mean he didn’t even receive a yellow card.

I wouldn’t mess with Sami. But I’m not 6 feet tall, either.

In the 21st minute The Baby made a pretty giant mistake but I can deal with giant mistakes when he recovers the way that he did.

I could teach a clinic on that play. Both the good and the bad, the offensive and the defensive. Is anyone NOT impressed by Varane? Or Griezmann, to be fair? Quite honestly, I’m terrified that if he doesn’t start getting a bit more playing time The Baby could be lured away from us. I’m not entirely positive where he’d go as Milan are still financially struggling, Juve and Inter have relatively solid defense, he’s too tall for Wenger to consider, and Liverpool can’t afford him. That leaves Chelsea, Manchester United, and (the worst of them all) Bayern? Someone get me a tissue. I’m tearing up at the thought.


Marcelo earned the first yellow card of the match after a late tackle on Gamez in the 27th minute. And shortly after, Nando was offside again. He was showing good movement and giving our defense a bit of a problem. It was simultaneously nice to see and extremely frustrating.

Then Sami was given a yellow card in the 31st minute for elbowing Nando. Basically, he “Daggered” him. I have to admit I giggled a little.

In the 37th minute, Sami was on my mind again when his head got on the end of a very good Arbeloa cross. But our poor sometimes headband wearer couldn’t direct the header down and it went over for a goal kick.

We continued to trouble them, but were unable to finish. And in return, Atleti continued to attempt to counter against us.

The half ended without a goal for either team.

Second Half:

Neither team made any changes at the half, which wasn’t surprising. There really wasn’t anything wrong with either lineup.

We began the second with the majority of possession and James had a chance in the 48th minute but it was cleared relatively easily.

It was back and forth and still high paced. Then, in the 56th minute, Sergio was booked and Atleti given a penalty when he pulled Garcia down in the box. I was yelling at him, though given the tackles that Atleti had been going into prior to this I was more yelling at the ref.

Raul Garcia converted his penalty well (I hate admitting that) and Atleti led 1-0.

Not long after the penalty, Atleti’s first substitution was to take off Sergio’s boo and bring in Koke. So much for the Sernando moments to make us feel even slightly better.

Gamez was given a yellow card in the 61st minute for a late challenge on Benzema. Then Ancelotti made the first sub for us in the 63rd minute, deciding that we needed some Ronaldo in our world. Unfortunately, it meant having to lose Juggy James.

Griezmann was booked in the 65th minute. We were still playing well, which drives me insane. When we play well and can’t finish it drives me more insane than when we don’t play well. I know, I have issues.

Arda Turan replaced Saul in the 68th minute. And a yellow card was shown again in the 73rd when Gabi took down Marcelo. Cris took the freekick but we had no one on the other end of it.

The 75th minute saw Mandzukic come on for Griezmann and Jese come on for Benzema. I was feeling optimistic, but just a minute later, Atleti scored goal number two.

Gabi’s corner was met with Gimenez’s head and the young one directed it into the goal. GRRRRR

Simeone’s celebration with his son was cute, though I remember another coach doing it once and getting shit for it. *ahemMourinho*

In the 81st minute, Arbeloa got really lucky to not get a card at all. Honestly, he probably deserved a red as he kicked Gabi. It was a terrible tackle but the ref didn’t see it at all.

And our third sub was Carvajal to replace an increasingly tired Arbeloa in the 84th minute. He just doesn’t have the speed to deal with the likes of Griezmann.

In the 87th minute, Godin earned a yellow card for a late tackle on Crispy. Then Dani earned his yellow card in the 90th minute. I think it was a retaliation tackle on Gabi. At least, I like to tell myself he was sticking up for Cris there.

Despite our efforts (I hesitate to call them our best) we couldn’t even grab a consolation goal, which would have given us the advantage of the away goal. We recorded our second loss in a row.

This makes the leg at the Bernabeu a bit tougher. We have to hope that Atleti doesn’t score a goal, but we all know that 90 minutes at the Bernabeu is a long time.

Match Photos:

Post-Match Comments:

Ancelotti post matchAncelotti:

“We are not out of the tie yet and we still have a chance to go through”, stated the coach.

Carlo Ancelotti spoke in the Vicente Calderón press room following the game against Atlético. The Italian reminded everyone that the tie is still alive: “Atlético have the advantage, but we play at home and anything could happen. We will try everything to win. We are not out of the tie yet and we still have a chance to go through.”

“We didn’t do well after the penalty. We needed to be more efficient during the first half. We played very wide and lacked penetration in general, not just from the right side of the pitch. Playing Atlético is difficult because they defend well, play as a unit and are very compact.”

“I think it is an exaggeration to call this a crisis. We are not happy and will have to get back to winning ways quickly. This is just the first half of the knock-out, we still have to play the return leg and anything could happen.”

Few chances
“It was not because of a problem with Bale, but was rather a problem with the team. Benzema nor the team as whole had many chances. It was difficult to create opportunities. Atlético are a team that are very well organised defensively and work very well as a unit. Khedira had a good game, didn’t make mistakes and positioned himself well. I liked how he played.”

Resting Cristiano Ronaldo
“He was a bit tired, I thought it was a risk to play him for the entire game and opted to bring him on later.”

Ramos post matchRamos:

Ramos started the Copa del Rey game in the Calderón. He spoke with the press at the end of the match: “We are going to try and turn things around in the second leg because this institution and our badge demands that of us. Following this defeat we must now focus on Saturday’s La Liga match and be aware that there is still a second leg to play.”

“We have a lot to learn from the Premier League. In my opinion the penalty decision wasn’t a foul. The Premier League is a popular division, that’s why I mention it. It is easy to talk about the referee when you lose and with that in mind I won’t go on about it.”

“The Cristiano situation is something that was discussed between the medical staff, the manager and him. It made sense to rest him and see how he felt in the second half.”

The end of the winning streak
“Bad things can also happen in football. Perhaps it is good this has happened to us now and not later on. It will help us to continue improving and that is what we will do.”


“It will be a different game in the Bernabéu”
“The result makes it an uphill climb but it will be a different game in the Bernabéu. There are 90 minutes left to play and we will try to turn the result around in the second leg with the help of our supporters. We can do it.”

“Atlético rely on dead ball situations and they punished that way again today. We have to try and be focused in the return leg. It is worth remembering that before the run of 22 straight wins we also suffered two defeats in a row. The team is in good form and we have to keep working.”

Marcelo post matchMarcelo:

Marcelo played for 90 minutes in the Copa del Rey derby game and at the end of the match he said: “It is a very difficult pitch to play on. We started well, but they were better from dead ball situations. We have another match to play at home and we will do whatever we can to win with the support of the fans”.

“We fought hard and ran, but it is a very complicated pitch to come to and they also did well. They play long balls and look for the second ball, we are going to see what Ancelotti tells us to do in the next game in order to try and win”.

“Real Madrid cannot lose. We have lost two matches and we are going to see what we have done wrong so that it doesn’t happen again and we can win everything”.


“We are Real Madrid and we have to make a comeback”
“It is hard because they are strong at the back and play with intensity but we have faith in our ability to make a comeback and we have a good opportunity at the Bernabéu. The result doesn’t change anything, now we must go out to win on Saturday”.

“That is football, sometimes you win,sometimes you lose. You always have to have a winning mentality. We put pressure on them and tried to score. It was an unfair result. The referee always try to make fair decisions but in the end it was a little wrong”.

¡Hala Madrid!

(images and gifs from GF Sports, the-vip-football-collection, football-hqs, and


3 Responses to “Match Recap: Copa del Rey – Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid”

  1. KJEzelle January 11, 2015 at 7:52 pm #

    Oh don’t even mention the Baby leaving! He provides such a calm, rational, non-carded (generally) counterpoint to everyone’s favorite hotheads and I shudder to think what might happen without his stabilizing influence. Quelle horreur!

  2. jellyace January 12, 2015 at 11:00 pm #

    I wouldn’t mind messig with Sami…only with much less vigorous anger. OK…anger, no…vigor, yes.

  3. kfunk22 January 13, 2015 at 9:14 am #

    that didn’t go according to plan, now did it? crossing my fingers that the boys turn things around thursday. and i concur, i dread games against atleti maybe even more than games against barcelona these days.

    those sergio and fernando moments were really heartwarming, though. what a way to return to la liga – first up real, followed by a showdown with barca!

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