Last Training Before Córdoba & Enjoying Madrid

23 Jan

Satellite (10)Looks like Cris is a happy camper today. Let’s hope that we see a lot of that in tomorrow’s match against Córdoba.

Álvaro Medrán and Marcos Lavín joined the first team while Isco worked out indoors.



Ancelotti: “We are only thinking about Córdoba; we want to stay top”
by Antonio Martinez Leal

“We haven’t let our competitive rhythm drop because we’ve been training very well”, said the coach.

Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the press on the eve of the La Liga game against Córdoba. The Real Madrid coach gave his thoughts ahead of the first clash of the second half of the season: “I have a serious and professional team. We are all completely focused on these extremely important games, like the recent fixture against Getafe. We need to hold onto our lead because the teams behind us are doing very well”.

“In we will be up against a side that is playing more confidently than before. They changed their manager and have been enjoying a good run of form. We will need to be careful. Their supporters are also well up for this game. It will a difficult match and we have to try to do our best”.

“We have signed a player we really wanted because we think he has a lot of quality. We are certain that he is going to have a great future with us. Because of that we are very happy. We have to be level headed though. He is going to train with us and then he’ll play with Castilla. Everyone is delighted with the decision he made, he is the present and the future of this team”.

“Córdoba play with more confidence now and are on a good run of form.”

“We won’t need to rotate players tomorrow. We have had a week of training and the team is in good shape. The only player who’ll be out is Isco. He got a knock against Getafe and is still unavailable to play. Illarra or Khedira will fill in for him. We haven’t let our competitive rhythm drop as we’ve been training very well. The team’s fitness is going to improve further”.

“There is no news to report, he is a Real Madrid player. He hasn’t played much lately but that doesn’t mean that the faith we have in him or his importance in the dressing room has diminished. I often think that in order to have a motivated side you need to have players who always act professionally when it comes to training”.

“He is a player who is always motivated and focused. His importance for the team grows bigger with each day that passes and I don’t think that he’s worried about his contract renewal. That is not my concern nor is it my area of expertise. There are players who wear the same jersey their whole careers. That can be said about Casillas, Cristiano, as well as for Ramos”.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s condition
“He’s in great form. He is always at his peak physical and mental fitness. He was fantastic against Getafe and I’m certain he’ll be great tomorrow, as he always is. I think it is very difficult to predict when a player of his physicality and mentality will finish his career. He competes everyday to improve and as long as he has that level of motivation I see him continuing to score goals”.

The importance of Kroos
“He organises the play very well and we need him in the position he’s playing in. He is very intelligent and has been doing superbly since joining us. He looked like he’d been with the team for years in his first game”.

Modric’s recovery
“He’s started training by himself. He’ll be training with the rest of the team within 15 days and we’re hoping he’ll be ready to play again once the Champions League comes back around”.

The following players have been called up for the match:

Goalkeepers: Casillas, Keylor Navas and Pacheco.
Defenders: Varane, Ramos, Coentrão, Marcelo, Carvajal, Arbeloa and Nacho.
Midfielders: Khedira, Kroos, James, Bale, Illarra and Medrán.
Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Chicharito and Jesé.

Today also saw the launch of the new “Enjoy Madrid” tourism campaign in which members of RM’s football and basketball team starred. Joining the ‘Peez for the unveiling were the Mister, Gareth, Benz, Isco and Felipe Reyes.

Satellite (15)The ad itself is adorable, featuring the Mister, Crispy, G-Money, Benz, James, Kroos, Isco,  Keylor Navas, Sergio Rodríguez, Felipe Reyes, Andrés Nocioni
and Sergio Llull.

Some of the players…erm, well, they shouldn’t quit their day jobs to act (just sayin’) but overall it’s delightful. Watishista mygypsyspirit did a handy dandy explanation of who is doing what with who. And that is not as filthy as it sounds.

Karim watching flamenco with Sergio Rodriguez

Keylor and James at the Prado with Sergio Llull

Gareth golfing at what I think is Golf Santander (I’m not sure, to be honest) but I’m not sure who he’s with.

Toni is shopping with Felipe Reyes

Cris and Isco are eating with Nocioni

|And Carletto is enjoying his wine with someone I don’t recognize. I assumed it would be Pablo Laso but it doesn’t really look like him.

If anyone can identify the other two peeps, have at it in the comments. The commercial doesn’t have a moment as laugh out loud funny as Sergio’s rather wan, stoner-like “Ole!” in the old ‘Visit Spain, Visit Madrid‘ campaign but it’s very cute. God, watching that old commercial made me so sad. Out of the 9 people in it, only 5 remain on the team (Cris, Marcelo, Sergio, Karim & Sami) while we said goodbye to Xabi, Mesut, Angel & Kaka. ::sniffle::

Oh well, can’t change the past. Onward and upward.

– Lozil

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