Match Recap: Real Madrid Vs. Getafe

23 Jan

Real Madrid fanIt’s the little fans that are my favorite. I don’t think there’s anything cuter than a woobins in a Real Madrid kit.

It was an early kickoff, 6am here on the east coast. I didn’t get up in time and had to watch the match a little later. Not getting up in time to see the match meant that I also missed all the pre-match goodness. That does not mean, however, that I don’t have some goodies for you.

Like Dani getting in a little Pony play:

A little San Iker booty:

Toni is extremely proud of himself for finding a ball:

Cris isn’t keeping the bling to his shoes:

Special Isco:

And Marcelo being all happy and junk:

There’s also the matter of pre-match James and Isco besos!

I don’t know about you, but I needed some of this to get my mind off being knocked out of the Copa and allowing Torres to score against us in such unceremonious fashion.

Nacho tried to join Getafe when he accidentally took a trip toward their bench.

And then Illara needed help getting his hood off his jacket. These boys are so dorky that I love them even more.

He’s sitting on Medran’s lap! I now ship a Medran and Illara bromance. Someone come up with a good moniker!


Getafe: Jordi Codina; Pablo Sarabia, Naldo, Emiliano Velazquez, Roberto Lago; Pedro Leon, Juan Rodriguez, Alexis, Diego Castro; Sammir, Alvaro Vazquez

Real Madrid: Iker Casillas; Dani Carvajal, Sergio Ramos, Raphael Varane, Marcelo; James Rodriguez, Toni Kroos, Isco; Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo

I love that Sergio gives besos to Codina. Always love one of our own. Jordi was a product of Castilla and spent two years with the first team.

It was snowing in Madrid, which is awesome (Getafe is on the outskirts of Madrid). I miss snow. I miss my favorite city. Excuse me while I have a moment.


We had a slow start. Benzema almost got on the end of a few long balls but in general our passing was bad. And we looked, as my commentator reminded all Sky Sports viewers for 90 minutes, lackluster.

We did get James trying to model in the middle of the match, though.

The first real shot on goal came in the 12th minute from some good play between Benzema and Marcelo but the shot was just past the post.

We came close again in the 16th minute, when James delivered a cross that was put out for a corner by Alexis. The corner came in but Ronaldo’s header was straight at Codina.

Okay, seriously. Do we not practice shooting AWAY from the keeper? We have a ton of shots but every one of them is pretty much directly at the keeper. It. Is. Infuriating.

Our next real chance came in the 30th minute. Yes, we were having that hard of a time. Benzema dribbled into the box and set up Isco. Unfortunately, Isco’s shot was blocked. Then Bale played the ball into Karim but his shot was saved by Codina.

In the 31st minute, Velazquez earned the first yellow card of the match for a tackle on James. Then Toni earned a yellow in the 35th minute for pulling Sammir as Getafe attempted a counter.

He tried to make up for it by giving us a little modeling action of his own.

In the 38th minute, Isco had a fabulous chance but Codina made the save. He tipped Isco’s dipping shot over the bar for a corner.

Getafe had a counter in the 40th minute and Sammir took a shot that went wide. Sammir had another chance a couple of minutes later that was high and wide.

Just before the end of the half, Toni had an excellent shot that slammed the crossbar.

That was it for the first half. We dominated possession but it was frustrating as hell.

Second Half:

No changes at the half. I just hoped we’d see a change in attitude from our Team Pretty. I wouldn’t really call it a raging start, but we did get our first sniff of a chance in the 49th minute when James made a dangerous cross in toward Crispy. Unfortunately, he was called offside.

In the 54th minute, Isco got the ball in to Karim but Codina made another good save. We pump good goalkeepers out of La Fabrica, don’t we? For all of our obsession with shiny midfielders and all…

In the 57th minute, Getafe’s first sub came when Hinestroza replaced Sarabia. Shortly after, we won a free kick which was not Gareth’s best take. The strike ended up high and wide of the goal.

James was booked in the 61st minute for bringing Hinestroza to the ground. He was not impressed with his yellow card.

The good news was that it wasn’t long between James’ yellow card and our first goal. Cris scored his 27th goal of the season when Benzema had some excellent footwork to keep the ball in before sliding the ball back to Cristiano in front of goal.

In the 65th minute, the next yellow card came out. This time it was Lago earning it for a late challenge on Dani.

But we scored our next goal in the 67th minute. Gareth got the outside of his foot to a great cross from James and Codina couldn’t do anything.

In the 72nd minute, Getafe had a half chance as Hinestroza took a shot from outside of the box. It didn’t trouble Iker, as it sailed high of the crossbar.

In the 73rd minute, our dear Ronnie came SO close to scoring on a freekick. It was JUST wide of the post. And in the 74th minute, Getafe made their second sub as Yoda replaced Peter Lion (Pedro Leon). My commentator laughed every time he said Yoda’s name. Laugh too, I did.

The substitution proved decent for Getafe as Yoda immediately showed some speed and caused us a few problems. He made it in front of goal in the 78th minute, but took too heavy of a touch and Iker was there to collect the ball. Then he fed a great ball to Hinestroza, who actually fell down before he could get to it.

Our first sub came in the 79th minute when Ancelotti decided it was time to bring Sami in to give Isco a short rest. And we scored our third goal shortly after!

James again put in the work and played a very good cross in. Sir Tans-A-Lot found the back of the net with a well taken header.

In the 82nd minute, we got a double sub. Kroos was replaced by Illara while Marcelo was replaced by Nacho(Stalker!). Getafe also made a change when Sammir was replaced by Alex Felip.

In the 86th minute, Alvaro rattled the post for Getafe, causing my heart to stop. I like clean sheets!

The ref indicated two minutes of added time and, in the second minute of it, Velazquez made a dirty DIRTY tackle on Gareth. The defender was already on a yellow card and this tackle drew nothing from the ref.

I see a bit of a “Fuck off” from Gareth there. I don’t blame him. A friend of mine is a raging Arsenal fan. She can’t get over Bale playing for Tottenham (and at times it’s funny to hear her scoff about him). Even she couldn’t believe there was no call for that tackle.

It caused a bit of concern as he had to hobble off the pitch. Luckily he was able to walk back on.

And that was it. Another win to help us regain confidence, I hope!

Match Photos:

 Post-Match Comments:

Ancelotti post matchAncelotti:

“Benzema’s bit of play was the key to winning the game, what he did was extraordinary”, he stated.

Carlo Ancelotti spoke in the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez press room after the game and assessed Real Madrid’s win: “It was a very good match overall. We lacked a bit of intensity at the beginning because we played on Thursday night, but we improved in the second half. It was an intelligent performance from us, without any risks being taken at the back”.

“That bit of play from Benzema was spectacular, I don’t know what else to say. They whole team played well. His bit of play was the key to winning the game, what he did was extraordinary. Everyone is delighted. The goals came through team moves and that is fantastic. Cristiano and Bale finished their chances well. Gareth is fine, he only got a knock and is fully fit”.

“I liked how the team played, they managed the game intelligently. We controlled the play well. Although we might need to improve in terms of pressuring opponents and the tempo was a bit slow during the first half”.

First half of the season
“We have done well during this first half of the La Liga season. We had a few problems at the start but then we went on a great run. The team are still fully motivated. We are well positioned and we have to continue on as such”.

The team’s fitness
“The intensity levels were a bit higher before Christmas than they are now, but the team are improving. James, for example, wasn’t as fit beforehand but he put in an extraordinary performance today. The team will get back to their peak fitness bit by bit”.

Working during the week
“We don’t have many full weeks in which to train. We have the chance to prepare well for the next fixture and we’ll work through the upcoming week with a normal training schedule”.

Benzema post matchBenzema:

Karim Benzema was the star of the show during Real Madrid’s win over Getafe thanks to the assist he provided Cristiano Ronaldo with for the opening goal. The forward explained that piece of play: “The move was just football. I saw Cristiano, passed him the ball and he scored. He is the best player in the world and it is always better to be playing with him”.

“This win was necessary following the knock-out tie against Atlético. Now we have a week to rest up and after that we’ll have another must-win game. We tried to get things going in the first half but they didn’t come off. Getafe played very well, all their players were behind the ball and we need space in order to score goals”. 

“Madrid is the best team, although we know that things are difficult for us now because our opponents close things up at the back against us. We have a lot of games ahead but we also have a great squad that can help us win everything”.


“A very good first half of the season”
“We have had a very good first half to the season and I think it was really important to pick up that victory following the slip up in the Copa. We leave here with three very valuable points”.

“The team was great and never threw in the towel. We had chances to take the lead during the first half but the goal came later. Getafe played very tight at the back before the break and we went all out for the win during the second half”.

The state of the team
“Unfortunately we lost in the Copa del Rey, but there is no room for excuses, you have to go out there and win. When this team gets back to winning ways we play a lot better and are more at ease”.


“We have to continue like this”
“It was a very important victory, we have to continue like this. The goal didn’t come until the second half, but we never gave up at any point in the match”.

“It is good to have this time to rest our bodies and prepare for the next games. There is plenty of motivation in the dressing room, we are eager to win. Our aim is to win La Liga and the Champions League. Benzema is very happy. He works hard for the team and his work was instrumental in setting up that goal”.

Personal thoughts
“I feel fine, I’m able to play without it causing me any niggles. I am happy, the team is at 100% and my contract runs until 2020. I’m at ease, when I’m called on to play I want to do my best”.

Social Media Corner:

I have so much more social media to post when we win. It almost makes me want to fly to Madrid, shake the shit out of our boys and scream “DO IT FOR THE SOCIAL MEDIA!” Oh, who am I kidding? I just want to fly to Madrid and shake hug the shit out of our boys.

First there were the normal tweets of happiness for the win from Gareth, Illara (who also wished Nacho a happy birthday), and Iker.

Then there was the tweet from Arbeloa hailing the class of a number 9 that does more than just score goals (which is a conversation I’ve been having with said Arsenal friend lately as it relates to French strikers like Giroud and Benzema)

To which Benzema tweeted his thanks to Arbeloa for having his back.

Then there was the photo. The photo was tweeted by Nacho, Sergio, and Marcelo and included many of the players in our clothing optional team.

Now, at first I was very intrigued by Toni in a towel. I don’t know why, it just surprised me for some reason. But then I noticed that young Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez is in only his skivvies. And those skivvies have his number in a very precarious spot. It makes me wonder, do the rest of the team have their numbers on their skivvies in the same spot? Is there a tiny little number 7 on Cristiano’s package? A 10 on James? Does Iker need to be reminded that his junk is number 1? Do they have “team underwear”?

Here is the photo in all of its glory.

NekkednessI can’t help but wonder about the underwear. I really can’t. This is going to haunt me for a while until I notice it on more of our players. I am also really disturbed by the players I’m most interested in seeing in their numbered underwear. I have problems…

To get away from that, let’s end with this photo that Isco posted of him with his little cutie pie.

As always…

¡Hala Madrid!


(images and gifs from GF Sports, the-vip-football-collection, football-hqs, and

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