Recovery Day & Can We Talk About That Hair?

1 Feb

Satellite (7)After their victory over La Real, the team got right back to work as we meet Sevilla on Wednesday.

Cris had the day off again while the outfield starters stayed indoors. Pepe worked in the gym and on the pitch and everyone else was with the coaching staff. (Video)

And can we please take a minute to discuss Jese’s new hair?

Why on earth would someone shave it close to the head and then leave a few stripes? It looks like an accountant’s combover or your 7th grade math teacher trying to disguise his baldness.

We sat around the pub trying to make sense of this new look of his.

Shigs:No. Just no.
J9:Oh honey, you’re going to have that look in 20 years anyhow, why do it now?

I guess you could say that the Sweaty Shanks Peña aren’t fans. Sigh. Jeses will be Jeses I guess.

And now, I’m going to get back to ignoring absolutely everything about the Super Bowl and take a nap or read or something. Happy Sunday!

– Lozil

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