Sunday On The Pitch, Xabi & The Pips

15 Feb

Thank god he’s not too mangled!

See Marcelo have to leave the pitch yesterday gave me quite a scare! Whatever happened doesn’t appear to be serious, thankfully, as he was excercising on the pitch today.

The outfield players who started yesterday had a recovery session indoors. In addition to the keepers, Dani, Pepe, Lucas Silva, Chicharito and Jesé, along with Castilla’s Derik, Medrán and Raúl de Tomás trained on the pitch. (Training Video)

We face Schalke in the Champions League on Wednesday. So many injuries. I’m freaking out.

Xabi decided to torment me (obviously, he does everything just to break my heart) by launching his new Facebook page with this video. He also had three guest stars do videos as well: El Pirata, Juanin and Leiva. Like they were a Spanish version of The Pips backing him up or something. If they ever do release a single, I hope it’s all about Esteban needing to comer un bocadillo because JFC.

– Lozil

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