Villa’s Ill Advised New Foray Into Music

3 Mar

So, if you’re looking for reasons to NOT support NYC FC, here’s one. This is just a teaser of the full song  “All The Way” which will be released tomorrow and people, it is dire. It sounds like bloody Tubthumping. Who the hell thought that was a good idea?!  When watishista mygypsyspirit sent me that link last night, I almost peed myself laughing.  And to make everything even worse: Villa’s hair situation.

What are they doing to  our King Bitchface Von Sex Beard?!?! He’s starting to look like an ungelled Sergio, which is nothing to aspire to. Oh dear lord.

Anyhow, tomorrow we’ll share the full horror. And NYC FC season ticket holders, best get used to hearing that monstrosity blaring out of the speakers at Yankees Stadium multiple times on a game night. Maybe if you play it enough tomorrow, you’ll be desensitized by kick off.

"Noooooo! Not All The Way again!"

“Noooooo! Not All The Way again!”

– Lozil

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