Laughter In The Rain, A Model, A Birthday & Checking In With Some Past Players

18 Mar

Satellite (7)Cristiano appears to not be letting the rain and the criticism get to him. Stay strong, Commander! We need your magic on Sunday for El Clasico.

The team did their training today in soggy conditions. (Video) Martin Odegaard and Rubén Yáñez  of Castilla joined training along with Real Madrid C players Cantero and Cristian Cedrés. Sami was absent with gastroenteritis (animo!) and Dani Pachecho was out for personal reasons.

The Baby had a chance to be the cover model for the April issue of Men’s Health France. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the pictures.
CAQGAaOWUAIobjFPilar Rubio (not James’ mami, Sergio’s baby mami) turned 37 yesterday. Sese took her out for a swanky dinner.

This may be the first time I’ve ever seen Pilar without some visible animal print on her, but I know it’s there somewhere! Sergio managed his usual appalling shirt/vest combo and the birthday girl is all satin, all the time. And to stave off any potential nasty comments that might come up, yes, she’s gettin’ her Coug on but there’s nothing wrong with that (Full disclosure: I say this as someone who usually tends to date people younger than me).  And let’s be real: who among us wouldn’t hit Sergio Ramos like the wrath of god given half a chance?

Arbeloa continued his charity work, raising awareness of autism with his friend Luis Garcia.

Marcelo did some filming for adidas and posted  a cute shot.

And now a brief check in with some of our former players…

El Pirata and Jailbait! seem to be having a bit of fun during their training session at La Real.

And Jailbait! is in the cryosauna. Jailbait!-cicle anyone?

Mesut was a part of the most recent adidas gamedayplus video. Here’s his bit:

– Lozil

One Response to “Laughter In The Rain, A Model, A Birthday & Checking In With Some Past Players”

  1. futbolfan March 18, 2015 at 9:17 pm #

    I always like observing training pics after a bad match. Our boys are always laughing it up, lol.
    Also, Ozil. Sigh. He was such a star with us, I just hope the Premier League doesn’t put out his shine for long. Same with Angel 😦

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