Updated: I Don’t Say…

2 Apr

We don't say

While trolling Tumblr yesterday (yes, I’m a Tumblr troller) I came across a post where someone had linked to this campaign by Duke University.

Duke University is one of the biggest sporting universities in the United States. They are known mostly for their highly successful men’s basketball team and the rivalry with neighbors University of North Carolina (and I do mean neighbors. UNC is a 15 minute drive away).

They have a Facebook page and a Twitter that explains that “The ‘You Don’t Say Campaign’ seeks to raise awareness about language marginalizing and offensive to particular identities. Now featuring Duke Athletes.”

This is a fantastic campaign. I love that their athletes are taking part in this. They recognize the visibility that even just college athletes have and their influence against marginalization and discrimination. My only complaint is that I would love to see a more diverse representation of the athletes. The majority of the athletes used are white women. But it’s a start. Well done, Duke!

Update: The Tumblr post where I found this campaign came from The Other Half.

Here are some examples of the campaign:


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