What Is Wrong With This Picture, Part 2

2 Apr

Okay, I love me some Poldi, I really do but seriously? I can wear the regular AHA! hat, thanks very much. You don’t have to make me a special pink floral version just because I have a vagina. Honestly. I swear I won’t spontaneously combust or suddenly grow a penis if I wear the black & white one.

I just get really sick and tired as a female football fan of A. being ignored in advertising or B. being marginalized by this shit. But it’s a ladies hat, y’all!!!!! Well, I’m a woman, but I’m no lady so it figures I’d go for the neutral one. Hey, look,  if you want wear a pink floral hat and that fits your style profile, I’ve got no problem with that.  Have at it. It’s just not my jam. But it kinda feels like I’m supposed to be squealing “OMG! NOW I CAN FINALLY GET AN AHA! HAT BECAUSE IT’S BEEN MADE SAFE BY THE INCLUSION OF FLOWERS AND A ‘LADY’ COLOR! I WOULD HAVE NEVER FELT COMFORTABLE TO DO THAT BEFORE LEST I BE THOUGHT LESS THAN WOMANLY!!” Sigh.

All that said, I think I know some dudes who would totally be into this hat. Primarily Exhibits A, B & C. They’d wear that shit loud and proud and not just for special occasions either.  I love it when Spanish footballers peacock all over the place and don’t give a shit whether their clothing is ‘manly’ or not.

– Lozil

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