2 Days Till Almeria & Ol’ Big Ears Heads To Berlin

27 Apr

Satellite (13)Right back to work for the boys. It’s a busy week. We’ve got Almeria on Wednesday and Sevilla on Saturday.

Cristiano & Marcelo ran on the pitch. The outfield players who started yesterday along with Sami worked out indoors. The rest of the team along with Castilla players Alvaro and Martin Odegaard were on the pitch. Lukita, Karim & Gareth continued their recovery.

The Champions League Trophy (aka Ol’ Big Ears) headed off to Berlin where it will hang out until the final. It was accompanied by three of our Blanco legends: Gento, Amancio and
Butragueño (better known to HB & HB as “Bond Villain”)

The European victors handed over the Champions League trophy in Berlin
by Javier Garcia | Photographer: Angel Martinez

Butragueño, Gento and Amancio represented Real Madrid at the ceremony in the city that will host the final on 6 June. (Video)

The Champions League has touched down in Berlin. Real Madrid, the current tournament champions who are hoping to regain the title, handed over the trophy in the city that will host the final on 6 June. The club’s director of Institutional Relations, Emilio Butragueño as well as Gento and Amancio attended the ceremony that took place at Berlin Town Hall. The two latter men where in charge of handing over the trophy that was won in Lisbon.

Gento remembered his feat as the only footballer to win Six European Cups: “Those were difficult times, we did not really know much about the opponents. It was really satisfying to win the first title. If there was a game between the Real Madrid side of our era and the current team, both sides would win because both are great sides”.

Amancio and the importance of La Décima
“We had been in semi-finals for a number of years and we liberated ourselves in Lisbon. The trophy is highly loved and sought-after by everyone. We always said that the DNA of Real Madrid comes from winning the European Cup. We have a very prestigious opponent in the semi-finals. However, I really hope that you look after the cup well because we want to be here on the 6th”.

Messages from Ramos and Khedira
Several videos were shown during the ceremony, one of them contained messages that from Sergio Ramos and Khedira. “They are moments that really leave a mark on you professional and personal life. I remember the goal in Lisbon with a smile on my face. Now we have the challenge of winning two consecutive titles”, said the defender. The German player talked of La Décima as “an indescribable feeling and very positive memories. We all hugged one another with pride”.

“Butragueño: La Décima will live on in the memory of all Real Madrid supporters.”

The ceremony was hosted by the mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, who was in charge of collecting the trophy. He was joined by Wolfgang Niersbach, president of the German Football Federation who praised Real Madrid: “With this great side who won five consecutive European Cups, the amazing history of this competition began”. There were also representatives from Wolfsburg, who won the women’s Champions League, as well as the ambassadors of the finals, Steffi Jones and Karl-Heinz Riedle.

From Wednesday onwards, the trophy will begin a tour of the most iconic spots in the German capital. It is the prelude for the 60th European Cup final that will be played at the Olympiastadion. The kings of Europe will be aiming to get there in order to achieve what nobody has done previously: lift two consecutive Champions League titles.

Butragueño: “Ramos’ goal is a culminating point”
At the end of the ceremony Emilio Butragueño stated that: “It is very important to be here and I hope that we can be here next year in Milan. That would be marvellous. We are fortunate to be able to defend the title, and we know that the semi-final will be very tight. The team have shown that they can respond perfectly when the moment of truth arrives and we have trust in them”.

“La Décima will live on in the memory of all Real Madrid supporters and Sergio Ramos’ goal is one of the culminating points in our history. Real Madrid are known all over the world because of this competition and it is an honour to have won it 10 times. No team has ever won the Champions League twice in a row and that will be an added motivation. However, we are talking too much about the final, we must talk about the semi-finals. In football, prudence is a virtue and preparing well for the first game in Turin in order to get a good result there will be the most important thing”.

– Lozil

One Response to “2 Days Till Almeria & Ol’ Big Ears Heads To Berlin”

  1. Futbolfan April 27, 2015 at 11:09 pm #

    Lol. Ol big ears. Is anybody else underwhelmed by the trophy? I mean, it’s THE trophy of all trophies in club football, and it’s not as dazzling as I personally think it should be. Like, the Copa del Rey trophy even looks more majestic than Ol big ears does, lol.

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